15 September 2014

New media growth: yes and yes

One interesting thing about new media, is that it has been possible to see it develop from the very beginning of its growth, in a few number of years. Is it the case that this kind of development is a generic kind of development.

Let us examine the nature of this development, which is a personal view on this. The first element is the emergence of a kind of syntax, namely the act of composing words. Next, is the development of a kind of enhanced syntax. It seems to be a feature of social media that this is a part of its expression. Indeed, it seems to be something that comes from the Internet itself. It is interesting to speculate perhaps about the nature of an intelligent framework for the Internet, that is intelligent AI powering it. Would it have a tendency towards a more meaning based expression.

In all events, one could perhaps see an infusion of content into new media as it was, that is some kind of creative original work, composed to some extent for itself, rather than to be something. Of course the core of a new media strategy is perhaps to find some kind of harmony between syntactical effects and meaning based effects. Whether that is possible or not is another matter, but it seems necessary.

Is new media a kind of extreme example of the cohesion of words and money (or can it be). Or is it something else. Is it a way towards something new, that is content placed closer to money, without cohering with it. That idea may be a motivating force to continue with new media content creation.

But if we ask if this is a generic kind of growth, we can ask is it the case that content needs to develop in such a way. That is, to get away from the issue of either making content for its sake with little rewards, or making content for rewards. Namely, expression has a problem and new media is a solution.

So what does placing content closer to money do to it. Does it inevitably make it like a strategy, or does it enhance it as content. Does it affect the structure of content in some way. Is this an issue with time, that is the extent to which content is developed in such a way. Just as a personal observation, the answer to both questions may be yes and yes.