07 October 2014

The effect of new media in media

Consider the time factor in a new media effect. That is, is it better to have an immediate effect, or one which will tend to have a more drawn out effect. That is, the idea that an effect can be given a time factor.

It may be the case that any time factor is beyond the control of the creator of the item which is desired to have an effect. It may be due to what might be termed hard wired effects, namely things like the renown of the author in society out of new media, or al least rempoved from the mellieu of concern. But let us assume that even somebody of a such status, may want to have a less immediate effect.

Consider a more drawn out effect. Here, it is the case that the new media item, may be seen on a less immediate basis, but more than this, it may be that a less MSM status may enable an effect to be crafted within the item.

It is the case in new media, like anywhere else, that the weight of the creator of an item may subsume any effect the item may have. But it may be the case that in new media, there is an inherent enhancement of the effect of the item, over other media.

It may be that longer drawn out effects are more naturalistic to new media. So it may be the case that new media items can enhance even those of weighty status outside of new media (assuming here that status within new media per se is still in a formative stage).

But what of the case of those struggling to make it within new media itself. Well, here it may be desirable to produce something which makes use of a more drawn out effect, let it simmer as it were. And it may be that it is easier to do so in this case. That is, there is some inherant advantage to being in a medium at the time of its formation: with the onus to produce things which are more amenable to having a drawn out effect.