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Match a broker with the way a trader trades or wants to trade. Find information about types of trading and platforms to narrow it down and compare broker vs broker to find the right one.
Find Brokers By Types Of Trading And Platforms
Broker and Platform Reviews This site reviews brokers and in some cases platforms covered on this site. The reviews are aimed at providing a more detailed perspective about an individual broker or a platform and the kind of trading it supports
Find Brokers With Online Trading Platforms Comparison and By Account Features
Online BrokerTrading Account Minimum DepositOnline Trading PlatformsCrypto CFDsECN TradingA Key FeatureNotable Platform, Account Or Broker Feature
NoneMT4, Web Trader, Advantage Web, AT ProWide Range And Number Of Markets4,500+ Global Shares CFDs To Trade
$200MT4, MT5, cTraderFCA & ASIC Regulated ECN BrokerExpert Advisors (EAs) & News Trading
$100Web Trader & AppsUser Friendly Trading Platform24/7 Cryptocurrency CFD Trading
$50MT4, Web Trader, Advanced PlatformAdvanced Platform: Integrated StrategiesMT4 EAs & User Friendly Web Trader
$100MT4, MT5, AvaOptionsWide Range of MT4 Markets To TradeFX Options Trading
$29Web Trader & AppsStocks To Own: No Commission ChargeSwitch Between Demo & Live Account
$200Web Trader & AppsStocks And Cryptos To Own & CFDsTrading With Social & Copy Trading Tools
NoneWeb Trader, MT5MT5 CFD Trading24/7 Trading
$100MT5, ParagonExCrowd Trading On ParagonExCrowd Trading Stocks CFDs On ParagonEx
$100MT4FCA Regulated MT4 Broker With 200+ CFDsMT4 Stocks CFD Trading
$5MT4, MT5MT4 & MT5 Forex BrokerMT5 Stocks CFD Trading
$500MT5, ParagonExParagonEx Crowd Trading & MT5Crowd Trading News Feed
$100MT4STP Forex BrokerMT4 Trader Tools For All Clients
NoneMT4, MT5, Trade InterceptorUser Friendly Trade Interceptor & MetaTrader0 Pip Spread Forex Broker
$100MT4, MT5, R TraderR Trader: Run Robots On The Cloud11,000+ Markets On R Trader
$100MT4, JForexRegulated ECN Broker With 500+ MarketsSWFX Marketplace ECN Via JForex & MT4
$100MT4, MT5, Web Trader & AppsCFD Broker With A Range Of PlatformsFixed Spreads on MT4, MT5 & Web Trader
$100MT4, MT5MT4 & MT5 BrokerEAs With $4 Round Trip Commission
$10MT4, MT5Wide Range Of Accounts: Cent To ECNMT4 Cent Plus MT4 & MT5 ECN Accounts
$100MT4, Web Trader & AppsFixed Spread Forex BrokerWide Range Of Forex Products
$10Trading Platform & Apps300+ Markets On Custom Trading PlatformLow Minimum Deposit Broker
$100MT4Regulated MT4 ECN BrokerECN Account With No Commission Charge
$100MT4, ETX TraderProWeb Trader & Automated Trading On MT45000+ Markets To Trade On ETX TraderPro
$300MT4, ZTP Web TraderECN Broker With MT4 & Web TraderTrading with EAs and ZuluScripts
$100MT4FCA Regulated MT4 BrokerMicro, Premium & STP/ECN Accounts
$250MT4MT4 Broker & A Range Of Account TypesMT4 Trading With 20+ Crypto CFDs
$300MT4, JForexJForex & MT4 ECN BrokerFixed Spread MT4 & ECN MT4 Accounts
$250MT4, Web Trader & AppsRegulated Broker With Web Trader & MT4Accessible Web Trader
$200MT4, MT5Regulated MT4 & MT5 ECN BrokerECN Spreads From 0 Plus Commission
$10MT4, MT5, cTrader, R TraderAccounts From Cent To ECNWide Range Of Trading Platforms
$200MT4, MT5, cTraderRegulated ECN Broker230+ Markets Including Crypto CFDs
$100MT4, MT5ASIC Regulated STP/ECN BrokerMT4 & MT5 Trading
$200MT4MT4 ECN BrokerCrypto CFDs To Trade
$200MT4, MT5Regulated ECN MT4 & MT5 BrokerECN Trading Infrastructure
Online Trading PlatformA Key FeatureNotable Platform or Account Feature
ZTP: Social & Copy Trading PlatformConnect 50+ Brokers To ZuluTrade
Trading platforms can matter, as they are the interface traders use to trade and thus their scope is also the potential scope of the trader. Some platforms have the capacity for automated trading (e.g. MT4, MT5, JForex, R Trader and cTrader), others do not. Traders may not wish to use robots, and prefer to make their own trading decisions. Brokers may expressly cater to this, by offering user friendly, intuitive web trading platforms, which make the trading process as straightforward for the human trader as is possible, but all the platforms in the table can be used for non-automated trading. While some desktop platforms may not have a mobile app, brokers typically offer apps, perhaps based on a web trader or a mobile version of a platform such as MT4.

Robots have different requirements from a human trader, though they may be executing rules a trader uses (also known as algorithms). For automated trading strategies which robots execute on behalf of the trader, factors such as dealing desk intervention and speed of execution may be important (i.e. can the robots execute strategies as efficiently as possible). ECN brokers can provide this kind of account infrastructure but market maker brokers may also support automated trading, as well as providing accounts and platforms for traders who make their own trading decisions.

Another kind of automation is copy trading and some brokers offer this capacity. Depending on the broker, social or crowd trading information might be included on the trading platform. The broker may offer a range of tools to assist with analysis or to provide additional functionality not included on the platform (e.g. robots or copy trading). There are third party platforms (like ZuluTrade) which can be connected to a broker allowing the trader to use the platform's social and copy trading functionality. Some brokers may allow the trader to connect third party platforms which support the use of robots.

The trader trades on the platform though an account. To trade on a platform with a live trading account the trader can open an account with the broker. Accounts can come in different formats, for example a broker may offer ECN accounts (typically with a commission charge) or a broker may provide a Cent account which lets the trader use small trade sizes. To practice trading and to become familiar with an online trading platform, the trader can use a demo account. Some brokers offer live accounts with minimum deposits higher than the standard account. These may provide extra features or be tailored for higher volume traders, depending on the type of broker.

The markets to trade offered can vary from broker to broker. ECN brokers typically provide smaller or in some cases intermediate numbers of markets to trade (i.e. less than 100 up to several hundreds). Some brokers offer a larger number of markets to trade, in the thousands, the bulk of which will be Stocks (as there are many Stocks out there, compared with other markets). In general the brokers in the table are providing markets to trade not own (e.g. Stocks CFDs) only, however at some brokers it is also possible to find markets such as Stocks to own.

The trader may find it helpful to compare brokers by themes to match the kind of trader they are and the kind of trading they may wish to do.

Choosing A Broker From Beginner Trader To More Advanced
A demo account lets the trade practice trading, test out ideas and become familiar with the trading platforms offered by the broker:
CFD Demo Trading Account: 
These brokers have a demo trading account on the live account platform, allowing the trader to switch to a practice account and back:
Demo Account: 
A demo account can be a way for Forex traders to get to grips with the MetaTrader 4 platform:
Forex Demo Account MT4: 
Trading with small trade sizes can be a way to start trading on a real account:
Cent Accounts: 
While beginners may wish to trade with a low minimum deposit, experienced traders may want this feature as well:
Low Minimum Deposit Broker: 
Some brokers have no minimum deposit requirement, but what are the implications of this account feature:
Forex Trading No Minimum Deposit: 
Traders may want to trade with larger account sizes: these brokers offer retail accounts requiring more substantial deposits:
Big Accounts: 
A user friendly trading platform can be helpful for traders, whether beginners or more advanced:
User Friendly Trading Platform: 
Some traders may wish to use the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform, which can provide both automated and non-automated trading:
Top MT4 Brokers: 
MT4 has a successor, MetaTrader 5 (MT5) with additional features on the platform, also supporting trading robots and traders who execute their own trades:
MT5 Brokers: 
ECN brokers can offer trading conditions which are particularly suited to traders who use automated trading strategies depending on speed and accuracy:
ECN Forex Broker UK: 
Algorithmic trading is a more advanced strategy; learn more about what it can do and find a broker supporting trades executed by computer programs:
Algorithmic Trading: 
What is an Elective Professional Trader and how does it differ from a retail trader:
Professional vs Retail Traders: 
Choosing A Broker By Online Trading Platform
Some factors to consider when choosing a trading platform as a beginner:
Trading Platform For Beginners UK: 
Web traders can offer an accessible and sometimes more intuitive trading experience:
Forex Web Trading Platform: 
Forex is a complex market and MT4 can provide tools to help navigate it, supporting both automated and non-automated trading:
MT4 Forex Brokers: 
MT5 has a number of upgrades compared with MT4 and some UK brokers offer this trading platform:
MT5 Brokers UK: 
Find a broker providing cTrader, and a review of this trading platform:
cTrader Brokers: 
JForex is a platform associated with ECN trading, allowing automated strategies to be built based on Java:
JForex Brokers: 
What is the right Forex broker may come down to factors such as the online trading platforms available:
Australian Forex Brokers: 
Featured Brokers
Plus500 has 2000+ markets including 10+ Crypto CFDs on its platform, which is offered as a web trader and apps including desktop download:
UK and Australian regulated ECN Forex broker Pepperstone provides trading on MT4, MT5 and cTrader, supporting both automated and non-automated trading:
City Index, which is regulated in a range of countries, can offer MT4 and a large number of markets to trade on its Web Trader, the Advantage Web Trader and AT Pro:
Swiss regulated Dukascopy Bank has 500+ markets including Bitcoin and Ethereum CFD trading available on JForex 3 and also provides MT4:
RoboMarkets offers the R Trader web trader, on which it has 11,000+ markets available including Cryptocurrency CFDs, and additionally provides MT4 and MT5: provides trading on a range of platforms, including a user friendly web trader and MT5 and offers CFD trading in a range of markets including 24/7 trading:
HYCM is a regulated broker which can offer MT4 and MT5 trading, with 300+ markets on MT5:
IQ Option has 300+ markets on its trading platform, including Crypto CFDs and offers a low minimum deposit ($10) and order size ($1):
ITRADER offers trading on MT4, with 20+ Cryptocurrency CFDs and a range of other markets to trade:
Types Of Trading: ECN Trading
Forex is closely associated with ECN trading:
ECN Forex Brokers: 
Brokers are sometimes classified as 'True ECN' but what might this be:
True ECN Forex Brokers: 
Cryptocurrency CFDs can be traded at ECN brokers:
Crypto ECN: 
MT4's successor MT5 may be provided by ECN brokers:
Types Of Trading: Bitcoin CFD Trading
Find a Bitcoin CFD Broker and read about the blockchain:
Bitcoin & The Blockchain: 
At some brokers, Bitcoin CFDs may be traded 24/7, with a short break on Sunday:
Bitcoin Weekend CFD Trading: 
Find a broker to trade Bitcoin on the MT4 platform:
MT4 Bitcoin Trading: 
Discover automated trading platforms offered by a range of brokers and find one to trade Bitcoin CFDs:
Bitcoin Algorithmic Trading: 
Top 5 Brokers Lists
Brokers offer a range of trading platforms some of which may suit a trader more than others:
Top 5 Trading Platforms: 
Forex trading can be approached in different ways and there are different kinds of Forex brokers:
Top 5 Forex Brokers: 
There are various online platforms available for Forex trading, letting the trader choose one or more which suits the way they trade:
Top 5 Forex Trading Platforms: 
ECN brokers can provide a trading environment suited to a wide range of styles:
Top 5 ECN Brokers: 
Featured Broker Reviews
XM provides over 1000 markets to trade on MetaTrader 5:
XM: is a long established Forex broker providing a range of CFD markets to trade: 
Dukascopy EU offers ECN trading on JForex 3:
Dukascopy EU: 
Spread Co is a UK broker providing fixed spreads:
Spread Co: 
NSFX offers ECN trading on the JForex and MT4 platforms:
IC Markets provides MT4, cTrader and MT5 and is based in Australia:
IC Markets: 
CFD broker offers 24/7 trading of Cryptocurrency CFDs: 
Top 10 Brokers Lists
CFD brokers offer trading in a range of markets, letting the trader trade a market without owning it:
Top 10 CFD Brokers: 
A range of Forex brokers and information about Forex trading:
Top 10 Forex Brokers: 
Bitcoin CFDs can be traded at CFD brokers:
Top 10 Bitcoin Trading Sites: 
UK brokers offer trading on different online platforms potentially suiting a wide range of traders:
Top 10 Trading Platforms UK: 

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