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FXFinds Dashboard  Select Features To Find Matching Brokers Help
  • Select broker features to narrow down a list of brokers, find out more about these features, create comparison tables, compare the brokers, answer questions and find a broker to trade with, based on the trader's preferences.
  • Match brokers to categories (Explore), match brokers to questions (Ask), match brokers to features (Refine) or match a broker to a feature and browse (GotTo Assistant) and read a mini review focusing on key features.
  • How FXFINDS works
  • Idea - How to find a broker Demo: Select User Friendly Demo from Find Brokers . Find out more about a pair of brokers (and try more pairs). Compare them in the comparison table created for the trader. Sign up and try the broker.
  • Hint Selecting the More About  buttons will display more information about each broker in the message box . There is a summary box with key information as well. There is also an Info  Hub with more information and ideas below.
  • Idea - How to find a broker Questions: Select From Questions ? about brokers and trading. Click on the question. Find information about the topic and a pair of brokers with the desired features. Sign up and try the broker.
  • Choose providers by features
  • Hint Selecting the Ask button will generate more questions.
  • Idea - How to find a broker - Quickly More Experienced: Select a category from the GoTo Assistant. This will take the trader to a broker information box (a mini review) with this feature. Sign up and try the broker. Select More to generate more categories.
  • Idea - How to find a broker More Experienced: Narrow down the list by selecting features. Create a comparison table with one click and compare the brokers. Find out More About  each broker. Sign up and try the broker.
  • Hint Choose selections from the  Twin Tracks or from the GoTo Assistant. The GoTo Assistant is on the right of the screen. The GoTo Assistant is at the bottom of the screen. The results are shown as both a simplified horizontal feed (first) and a detailed vertical feed (below this). More About  will go to the detailed feed for the chosen broker. To show the broker feed in a comparison table, select under 'Create a comparison table of the broker feed below', under the Matches count display.
  • For example, selecting 'MT4 Brokers' will show a list of brokers with the MetaTrader 4 platform. Then selecting 'Cent Account' will show a list of brokers with MT4 and Cent Accounts, and so on. The tool will provide information about MT4 and Cent accounts during this process (and before if desired) pointing towards the kinds of trading supported by these features.
  • Hint Selected features are shown by Select Features . If there are no matches and to restart, reset by selecting Reset. If there are no matches a broker will be suggested.
  • Brokers in the horizontal feed have a Broker Score associated with them. This is a qualitative indicative score out of 10 based on features offered like platforms and markets to trade, but also includes factors such as how long established the broker is. For example, a broker which has a wide range of platforms and markets and has been around for a relatively long time, may do well, as might a broker which focuses on a type of trading.
  • A brief description of each feature - identified by near the top of the page - is provided for matching the generated brokers with the type of trading which may be supported and exploring possibilities, as the selections are being made. Additionally the headline for each broker offers a snapshot of particular ways to trade supported by the broker.
  • Hint Watch the message box for information about selections.
  • The message box also provides information for Find Brokers Now  which generates a comparison table for two brokers matching different types of trading as well as information about the brokers, including payment methods. This is potentially a quicker way to compare and find brokers to trade with.
  • The selected broker detailed feed generated by the  Twin Tracks or from the GoTo Assistant can be shown as a list or grid with abbreviated or expanded features, however it may also be displayed in a table. The table shows key features and will display one or more brokers, depending on what is in the list of brokers. So the tool can be used to firstly select brokers by features and then to compare the selected brokers.
  • Find more information about topics covered and additional insight into how the selections relate to trading by selecting 'Info  Hub', before selecting brokers. Pressing on the buttons in the hub will display a range of information covering topics such as MetaTrader, Account Types and Technical Indicators on the central message strip.
  • In the hub there is also a carousel under Match Selections With Trading (scroll through with Next) which is interactive in that when a button is chosen the corresponding selections buttons will pulse, if they are not already selected.
  • Hint Watch the Info  Hub message box for information about topics on the buttons.
  • In the Info  Hub a selection of brokers can also be compared broker vs broker in detail on another page or quicker in a comparison table in the hub, for example when a choice has been narrowed down by selections to a few brokers, or just to explore possibilities.
  • Hint Toggle between a short and a longer broker description with the Less Info  More Info button on the GotTo Assistant. on the GoTo Assistant scrolls back to the top.
  • Choosing on the GoTo Assistant brings up a grid of the selected brokers for online trading platforms and features comparison.
  • Choosing brings back a list to browse.
  • Brokers, features and platforms may not be available in some regions and are subject to change. See each broker's website for availability and full terms and conditions. This content is for educational purposes and is not investment advice.
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  • Trading with low spreads 
  • Using robots to execute trades 
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GoTo Assistant - Select Feature & Go To MatchLess InfoFree DemoMT5 BrokerFeatures Matches:   There Are No Matches Found For All the Selections, However This Broker Offers: BrokerScoreMore About Create a comparison table of the broker feed below
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 There Are No Matches Found, However This Featured Broker Lets The Trader Test Out Its User Friendly Platform On A Demo Account

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