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UK regulated broker Pepperstone offers ECN trading using Equnix servers for high speed order transmission, on MT4 and cTrader:
City Index, which is regulated in a range of countries, can offer MT4 and 12,000+ markets on the Advantage Web Trader and AT Pro:
Swiss regulated Dukascopy Bank has 500+ markets including Bitcoin CFD trading available on JForex 3:
UK regulated broker ETX Capital can offer tight spreads on a range of Forex pairs and 5000+ markets:
Regulated UK broker Trade provides ECN Forex trading on the MT4 platform and 5 Cryptocurrencies:
Plus500 has a relatively wide range of Cryptocurrency CFDs available to trade on its platform and 2000+ markets:
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XM provides STP accounts and an ECN account along with MT4 and MT5:
City Index has over 12,000 markets to trade and 3 platforms to trade on:
City Index: 
Dukascopy EU has ECN trading on JForex 3:
Dukascopy EU: 
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Find out about Index CFD trading at Plus500:
Learn more about Bitcoin trading at ETX Capital:
ETX Capital: 
Find out about Cryptocurrency trading at UFX:
Learn more about Bitcoin CFD trading at easyMarkets:
Learn more about Litecoin and Dash and Crypto CFD trading at ECN broker Pepperstone:
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Spread Co is a UK broker providing fixed spreads:
Spread Co: 
NSFX offers ECN trading on the JForex and MT4 platforms:
IC Markets provides MT4, cTrader and MT5 and is based in Australia:
IC Markets: 
CFD broker offers 24/7 trading of Cryptocurrency CFDs: 

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Visit BrokerMinimum DepositMarketsMoreRegulator
£10012,000+Ethereum CFDsFCA
$100500+ECN BrokersFCMC
$100300+Ripple CFD BrokersCySEC
£1005000+Bitcoin CFDsFCA
$100200+Litecoin CFD BrokersFCA
$20500+MT4 BrokersFCA
$200230+MT5 Cryptocurrency CFDsASIC
$100 200+Ripple CFDsFCA
$1002000+Bitcoin Futures CFDsCySEC
£10095+Cryptocurrency CFDsFCA
$100 2000+Weekend TradingFCA
£2001500+Spread FreeFCA
$250200+MT4 ReviewFCA
$250120+NEO CFDsCySEC
$100450+Ethereum Classic CFDsCySEC
$5700+MT5 BrokersFCA
$5075+UK MT4 BrokersFCA
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Cryptocurrency CFD Broker Table

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Online Trading Account Updates

Cryptocurrency CFD Watch

IronFX has Cardano CFDs to Trade

IronFX is now offering Cardano (ADA), in addition to its other Cryptocurrencies, on MT4: IronFX Cardano Trading.

Spread Co Has Bitcoin Futures

UK broker Spread Co offers Bitcoin Futures to trade. Read more about Spread Co Bitcoin Futures Trading.

UFX Offers A Wide Range Of Cryptocurrency CFDs

UFX offers 15+ Cryptocurrency CFDs to trade on crowd trading platform ParagonEx. Read more about UFX Cryptocurrency CFDs.

Plus500 Offers 7 Days A Week Trading Of Cryptocurrency CFDs

Plus500 is offers Cryptocurrency CFD trading 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, except Sundays 12.00-14.00 UTC. Plus500 offers a wide range of these CFDs, including Bitcoin Cash, Monero and Iota. Read more about Plus500 Cryptocurrency CFDs.

Pepperstone Has Cryptocurrency CFDs

UK and Australian regulated ECN broker Pepperstone is now offering Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash CFDs. Read more about Pepperstone Cryptocurrency Trading.

easyMarkets Offers Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple

easyMarkets offers trading in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple CFDs. Read more about easyMarkets.

IC Markets Offers Cryptocurrency CFDs

Australian ECN broker IC Markets offers Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash. Find out more about IC Markets.

More Updates To Brokers

ThinkMarkets Adds Shares CFDs

ThinkMarkets has added Shares CFDs to its offering of markets. Read about this and ThinkMarkets.

Plus500 Adds More Technical Indicators

Plus500 has added more technical indicators and chart price types to its platform. Find out more this and Plus500.

ThinkMarkets Offers Trade Interceptor And Cryptocurrency CFDs

ThinkForex has replaced its ThinkTrader platform with Trade Interceptor and has added Cryptocurrency trading for both this platform and MT4. Read more about this broker, its trading platforms and markets: ThinkMarkets Review. Trade Now Has ECN Accounts

UK broker Trade has changed - it now offers ECN accounts, with spreads from 0.0 plus a commission charge. Find out more about Trade.

IC Markets Now Offers MT5

Australian ECN broker IC Markets is now providing the MT5 platform. Read more about IC Markets.

GKFX Lowers Spreads

UK regulated Forex broker GKFX has lowered some of its fixed spreads, and now offers spreads such as EUR/USD at 0.7. Read more about this: GKFX Review.

IronFX Lowers Its Minimum Deposit

IronFX has lowered the minimum deposit on its Micro account to $100, down from $500. Minimum deposits for its range of other account types stay the same. Find out more about IronFX and its trading conditions.

Low Forex Spreads

Do low Forex spread matter ?

Spreads have got lower at brokers. Fixed spreads below 1 for EUR/USD are available. Variable spreads have got tighter, with lows around 0.5. ECN brokers and even some non-ECN brokers can provide very low spreads with a commission charge: EUR/USD spreads which reach 0 are typical. So does this matter ?

For long term positions in a potentially more directional market, it may not be that important. Forex is a market which moves in complex ways. It makes it hard to analyse and find a direction. So trading styles can come down to this - analysing, but assuming the analysis may be incorrect and taking a position, where smaller increments may be possible, before the trade turns against the taken direction.

This kind of trading can be based on liquidity events, for example, where a direction is forced, which the market may take up, or may dissipate sometimes rapidly. In this kind of trading, spreads can matter, because the width of a spread may make a difference. This is not scalping, this is trading not based on time frames but on the ways the Forex market may actually move: it could be a shorter term trade, or a longer term trade as the market builds on or around the event, with a trend for example.

Brokers with ECN Forex Accounts

Visit BrokerECN Minimum DepositPlatforms
$300MT4, ZTP
$500MT4, MT5
$200MT4, MT5, cTrader
$3000MT4, JForex
£100MT4, cTrader
$100MT4, MT5

Volatile Markets and Forex

What may volatility mean for trading ?

Volatility is a feature of markets, part of the regularities which characterise the behaviour of Forex pairs (i.e. they appear and disappear again and again). It can be seen on a recurring basis, for example around news events and towards close of markets on Friday.

However Forex pairs can also become volatile, that is pairs can display volatile responses to events. As volatility can be seen around news events, it can also be seen on what might be termed larger scale news events, such as the Brexit vote. The focus of these events, the currency which is tied into the locus of the events, may display a greater tendency to volatile reactions, but it can also be seen in other pairs, perhaps to a lesser extent, depending on the currency or the nature of the event.

So what might volatility be characterised as ? It can be seen as irregular and large responses, because of some larger context within which the pair is enmeshed, for example market close, or a market responding to a revaluation, or a new landscape. These kinds of responses make volatility hard or unwise to trade. Even if a stop-loss is used, sharp movements back and forth can wreak havok with one. So the usual protections can become problematic.

However if a market has become prone to volatility, then a stop-loss might still potentially provide protection, if the volatility is seen within a more usual set of market responses, such as trends and ranges, or is characterised by sudden directional movements, rather than oscillations (which can be typical of recurring news events).

On a more speculative level it might be said that volatility can in some cases be an end or a beginning, that is volatility can be seen on charts around market turns or changes in the way a pair is moving, whether on short term or longer term charting.

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