Plus500's CFD Platform vs The MetaTrader Platform

Plus500 vs MetaTrader 4
Plus500's CFD Platform vs MetaTrader Summary Card
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Plus500 does not offer MetaTrader. Plus500 is a CFD provider offering a user friendly platform across a range of devices, with 2000+ markets to trade. Plus500 offers 115+ technical indicators and fundamental news data on its platform.
Plus500 vs MetaTrader
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MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a platform offered by a range of CFD providers including long established HYCM. MT4 has a successor, MetaTrader 5 (MT5) which provides a number of improvements on MT4. Both platforms support automated trading with robots and traders who execute their own trades. This platform is also offered at HYCM.
Plus500 vs MetaTrader

Plus500's CFD Trading Platform vs MetaTrader - Plus500 Does Not Offer MetaTrader

Plus500 is a CFD provider offering a user friendly online trading platform designed for the trader who plans and executes their own trades but does not offer MetaTrader. It's CFD trading platform offers a clear interface with a range of charting tools including 115+ technical indicators. For traders who use fundamental analysis as well as all traders who want to know about upcoming news releases, it offers specific news release information for each market from its platform. Plus500

MetaTrader is currently two third party platforms, namely MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and its successor MetaTrader 5 (MT5). MetaTrader is a platform which can be found offered by a range of providers, but not Plus500. MetaTrader offers support for traders who plan and execute their own trades but additionally provides support for traders who want to use online trading robots to execute trades on their behalf.

On MetaTrader, robots are called Expert Advisors (EAs) and can be downloaded (typically for a fee) and designed by the trader, if they learn how to program in MQL4 (for MT4) and MQL5 (for MT5). To program strategies, the trader would generally need to understand how strategies work, thus using and implementing EAs can be seen as a pursuit for more experienced traders. Plus500's platform does not support robots.

Beginners can use MT4 and MT5 (and MT5 can be offered with a more user friendly interface) but they may need to learn how to use it initially. Plus500 is particularly user friendly and arguably intuitive thus the trader may find is more immediately approachable. Given that Plus500 offers 2000+ market to trade (and a wide range) it can be used from beginner to advanced traders.

The number and range of markets on MetaTrader depends generally on the CFD provider, however MT4 tends to have up to around 200 markets (and can be less) while MT5 can have several hundred and even 1000+ markets to trade. At some CFD providers, social trading features may be enabled for MetaTrader either from the platform or another platform, but not necessarily. Plus500's platform does not support social or copy trading.

Forex traders can use either platform, however which to use may depend on the kind of Forex trading utilised by the trader. Forex trading encompasses a wide range of trading styles. Traders who do not use automated or social trading may appreciate Plus500's design, while those who want to utilise methods including robots, may find MetaTrader of interest. As a third party platform, if traders make the effort to use MetaTrader, then they may use it at a range of CFD providers, while Plus500's platform is offered only at Plus500.

So to sum up, Plus500 is a CFD provider offering a user friendly platform across a range of devices (including a watch app) but does not offer MetaTrader. MetaTrader is currently MT4 and MT5, two distinct platforms, one of which (MT5) has a number of enhancement on the other (MT4). MetaTrader is a third party platform which supports a wide range of trading styles, from discretionary to fully automated trading with robots.

Plus500 has a relatively large number and wide range of market to trade, while the number of markets and the range depends on the CFD platform providing MT4 or MT5, though MT5 may be offered with more in terms of range and number. Plus500 has a relatively large number of indicators (115+) while the number of indicators can also depend on the platform, though the platform is generally provided with at least 30+. However as well as downloading or programming EA robots, the trader may also download or build technical indicators.

With Plus500, the trader gets a fully featured user friendly platform, while MetaTrader is customisable from its basic offering with features which can vary from depending on the CFD provider. To let the trader test out both platforms, sign up links to an AvaTrade demo (AvaTrade offers both MT4 and MT5) and to a demo account for Plus500 are provided below. Both accounts can be turned into live accounts as well.