12 August 2014

Simplicity and complexity when sailing the (new media) sea

New media seems like a revolution in expression. But what would a media expression be like consequent on the development of new media. Let us consider that new media entirely takes over all media, or the reverse.

But perhaps one might consider that nothing ever really takes over from expression, that what happens is it influences it. But how, is the question. However new media is more than a technology, it seems like a technology of expression, in that great expansion of the meaning of technology that has happened with the Internet. The power of words and images, in the landscape of the Internet.

So as a technology of expression what is it. It is like, to me, something where the effect of the meaning of a statement is particularly contingent on the attitude of the reader. But can we find things which are more robust to this. Well, the use of types of images which are usually popular is one such approach. But so is perhaps the creation of original works (but maybe of a certain kind). One could see this as a new life for creative works, one also which fits into advertising as new media creations can be advertised as they are.

This is another interesting possible effect of new media on media. A simplification of media, with an increased freedom for complexity of the content itself. Not necessarily, but possibly.

So where does creative content fit into some kind of strategy. If one wants a strategy to do something, to have an effect, one might consider what is the strategy of creative content. That is one simplifies again because one might consider the strategy of such content is to exist, perhaps in some strong way, perhaps in some softer way. However one may need a strategy to prune that content.

But creative content does not carry a message, does not have an effect. Well, it does, but it may not be possible to control what this effect is. However note that one may not be able to control the effect of explicit messages, as noted above. So one simplifies again. It is like one trusts and enables the boat to sail the sea, but there has to be a sea for it to sail.

So what would the effect of this be on media. Well, might one consider the sea of new media exists sufficient to itself, at this stage (that is, consider new media comes from something different from media and this technology of expression has roots elsewhere). Its influences may depend on how media interfaces with it, rather.