29 April 2014

Creating an Effect in New Media

In a new media output, one can ask to the extent to which the output can or should be molded to an expectation of what one wants the effect of the output to be. Now, one can mold this to an idea of what the reader wants.

But one can ask whether new media outputs, in the sense of expression floating in a sea of other expressions, can adapt themselves to a range of possible outcomes, as of course really knowing who is reading it, or what the effect is, may not be entirely measurable. Indeed the idea by the reader that an effect is desired from a post, may even obviate that effect.

One can ask can there be utility in irregular updates, rather than regular updates. As long as there is a sense of the output being alive, then perhaps so. One does not expect a book every day. But then of course, are not new media expressions short, and thus need an output corresponding in some way to something like a book.

Perhaps not, even assuming this kind of continuity is possible. That is, one wants rather the power of expression, that is something to rise above the set of expressions. That is, one wants to control an enabling rather than an effect, if one can.

This again is the 'new', the effect of sets of statements, from the creation of these sets. It corresponds to a theme one may develop, and the addition and expansion of elements within that theme. While perhaps steering clear of theme development in the sense of a book.

It gives importance to each utterance, and indeed a reason not to automate this process. That is, each output needs human consideration, as well as creation.

It also brings such utterances closer to an idea of creative output. That is one may not envisage an effect, except perhaps in an artistic sense, from a creative novel or poem, one just, in its starkest sense, creates it, rather than engineering it.

But in new media one tends to be far from such outputs, but it may need something from this process, as the undecidability in knowing really what the effect may be needs that creative wing and a prayer. Also it is a wide open canvas, with something like the possibility of significant possibility.

And in new media is also the link with an effective functional use of words, that is, computer systems and the internet. One can ask does this actually affect the content of new media in any way. It may be possible to conjecture that it does, at least in the sense that the user interface and other constraints, constrain content. But does it constrain content in any other way.

That is, can creativity be brought to something that it seems to wish for, that is the world of effect and cause, and results (but which it may have had a difficult relationship with).

Can one see that logic structuring even if very loosely, disparate, irregular, but perhaps effective outputs.

Something like, snippets within snippets, beside snippets having an effect. To my mind, the cumulative effect of outputs is an effect, and it seems a strong one. It is contingent on variety and context, that is context within the set of statements, but not necessarily diminished or enhanced or even affected by the statements of others.

I might suggest that images also need this and can also create an effect like this. From consistency, a sense of a larger whole, perhaps a sense of growth or development, comes effect (this is the constraints used). This is perhaps why largeness in the world outside of a new media platform does not necessarily make for interest in outputs, per se.

So to mold statements to create an effect is perhaps to undermine their effect. But to mold statements for consistency, context is also perhaps to undermine an effect, just as it may be problematic to engineer growth. That is, the sense of development needs to be real. Which is why irregularity of updates is not necessarily a bad thing, in some circumstances.

It also points to the importance of content, around which everything else exists, and one might say, thrives, and indeed, will thrive. That is, enabling may make for a greater assurance of endurance, something that may be an issue in new media.

This is an issue of freedom, as enabling means also feeling free to create expression, and particularly in this medium, ones which are functional as well as creative. So potentially those who enable and continue to enable freedom and development within this freedom, enable a survivability in it.

One reason for survivability is that creative development takes time and may not be controllable. Thus what it is one is doing on new media, may need time.