19 March 2014

Effective Expression in New Media

How free can a new media statement be. Is there something about a free new media platform which enables something that may not exist otherwise with the ease one may want or expect. I would note that sense of finding a voice, but may there be something about new media platforms which enables a heightened sense of expression, a greater precision, if it is let do so. This may make for finding a voice, harder, but perhaps more effective, a kind of considered freedom.

Well, there is that sense of extended expression, the way one does not necessarily make statements that exist without reference to a past stream of statements. This is perhaps a consequence of the way new media platforms sit expression.

Because this is new, it is possible for me and no doubt others to think about the earlier days of doing this. In fact it produces a kind of shock, as one's expressions hang there in time, if they are not deleted. But I find it is an advantage, and there is always the possibility of deleting things which may not fit well into that stream of expression.

That is one deletes, not because what one says may be unwise, which may or may not be the case, but because what one says it not consistent with the sense of being one creates in a stream of new media outputs, because over time that overrides other considerations. This of course can include images and other kinds of expression. In fact new media expression may make for a consistency and growth often missing in expression.

So one has the possibility of creating an artifact of expression in one's output on social media, that over time becomes powered by some core expressive need. How does this interface with the needs of business.

Perhaps well, in the sense that one can create an extended expression of this business need as well, and make for complexities of expression that may not be captured in other ways. That is, for large complex decisions, that can have a considerable effect over time, it may enable an extended consideration. That is, a more effective expression.

Now this points to the personal and the business converging, or perhaps more properly, emerging, closely and maintaining this closeness. It may point to a social business being able to dip into the personal in its evolution, if we consider that this creative source, is a power to business, that it may want to hold onto at a later date in its development.