29 January 2014

New Media Developing Value

It could be said that the life of a new media product shines bright at the time it is developed, from some perspectives. That is, one can see that its production as an idea that will find life on the Internet may be most sensitive to all the constraints that exist when the idea is manufactured.

One can see these constraints as: something that others will find of interest in some way, looking at it from a new media perspective, and something that the developer may find a certain passion to develop it, and what is possible in terms of the technology to develop. I am thinking more of bespoke developments.

Bespoke in two ways: bespoke in a concept of a unique and hand tailored way, and also bespoke in the sense of being flexible and tailored to the interest of the developer. Why do I say this, because in new media there may be an opportunity to enable more the production of those things which produce content that tends to be seen as more created rather than made.

But of course it is those things which can add such value, and enduring value.

But one expects the interest of the developer to coincide with some segment that shares such interest. I am thinking here of a whole greater than text for example, in particular a sensibility expressed in the development that may meld with the sensibility of that segment.

Here we come back to a native sense of texture to new media, in that melding. That is the hard idea, the words, the expression, the message, slinks back to a context that makes a textured, varied experience.

But in that slinking, can we see a way to expand the audience, and as well to enhance the experience of those who may be attracted to the hard content.

Again we can see that idea of enhanced adaptability, we have noted as a possibility in a hypothetical new media company. But here we see it as work in product development.

One can note that there may be a strong intentionality in the production of art, or even a structuring intentionality producing it, or there may not be. Here though the idea of texture, makes for a looser kind of intentionality than we might otherwise expect in product development, giving space for such creative acts.

Which makes for a possible role in content in enabling new growth, in addition to technological development, a role for the creative impulse, closer to the product and hints at a more enduring sense of value in product.