04 June 2014

New Media, Social Media and Content

Can we consider new media to float in some way on social media. That is, given the possibility of direction from its life within social media.

Consider a new media artifact created and developed away from social media. Well, consider a new media artifact developed in an interest graph. Will such an artifact fit into social media. Social media consists of many possibilities of connectivity, an interest graph perhaps less, but with possibly firmer connectivity.

An interest graph can perhaps focus a new media artifact. A social media network can perhaps widen it. So at some stage perhaps both an interest graph and a social media network can play an enhancing and complementary role in new media content. So this gives an approach to a rationale from when to interact with an interest graph and when to interact with a social media network.

One thing about an interest graph is a level of personal anonymity, that is, it is more about the idea. However a social network can have these attributes as well. But always one might suggest a social element which can make for a number of enhancements in new media content.

But what about both. That is new media content nesting within a social network and an interest graph. Because a network can be both, we might consider here the idea of networks which are biased more towards social and ones which are biased more towards interest graphs.

We consider an adaptive new media content which can nest in such a way. Can we consider that something developed in this way is such content. Or can we bring something from elsewhere and induce it into this content. That is perhaps a key question in new media, what do you do with new media developed content and how do you bring other content into it.

The question about new media floating on social media is one of: what does one do with it. That is social media provides that which it may lack, a significant audience. But the wonder of new media is the idea of targeting.

We can see this as floating the content towards a friendly shore. But an interest graph may auto target, at least in terms of interest. The social media element is interest for a variety of other reasons. Can we consider some content is more suited to this.

Perhaps. So it comes down to part of the content is socially responsive and part of it is interest responsive. Does this give a way of looking at bringing content into new media. That is, molding it post creation to something socially and interest responsive. Does this imply that native new media content has some advantage in this ecosystem.

Well can we consider that non native content can be made to float in this ecosystem. That is, that no adjustments need be made to the content. So it is a question of the interface between the content and new media (the idea of flotation).

So what is that, well something that structures the content within new media. And what is this structuring, bearing in mind we do not want to change the content. Perhaps it is simply an issue of content sensitive targeting.

But this may require a certain variety on a theme, to be effective. Interestingly this is that idea of a kind of native new media theme development in new media, touched on in the last post. It may be that transposition of content may have issues at a structuring level.

However, it may be that non new media content is simply going to be influenced and structured by new media, and will thus float into its nest, as it were. This may or may not happen, but whether it happens is probably just a function of the nature of the ways culture and technology develop.