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Broker Platform Updates

IronFX Drops NDB Bonus, Keeps Forex Bonuses

IronFX is discontinuing its $35 no deposit bonus but still offers a 100% and a 20% Forex Bonus, T&Cs apply. Read more about this broker: IronFX Review.

FXTM Reduces Maximum Leverage

FXTM has reduced maximum leverage from 1000:1 to 500:1, T&Cs apply. Read more about this broker: FXTM Review.

ThinkMarkets: Cash In EAs Offer

ThinkMarkets has replaced its welcome bonus with an offer to traders to cash in their Expert Advisors for a trading credit up to $/£250, T&Cs apply. Read more about this broker: ThinkMarkets Review.

Markets.com Stops Bonus, Keeps $25 Registration Offer

In accordance with new CySEC regulations, Markets.com has discontinued its bonuses. Markets.com's $25 pre-deposit offer remains. Read more about Markets.com.

IG Reduces Forex Spreads

The minimum spread on EUR/USD and AUD/USD is now 0.6 at IG. The spreads reduction applies to minimum spreads, average spreads and DMA spreads. Read more about IG and its spreads and IG DMA.

easyMarkets Replaces easy-forex

easy-forex has been rebranded to become easyMarkets. From Friday 16th December 2016, www.easy-forex.com will redirect to www.easyMarkets.com. easyMarkets has also changed its minimum deposit to $100. Find out more about this broker: easyMarkets Review.

IG Has A New Platform

IG is introducing a new trading platform which includes features such as fly-out charts and menus, aimed at creating a more intuitive platform experience for the trader. Read more about IG's new platform and find out what's happening to the classic platform.

IronFX Lowers Its Minimum Deposit

IronFX has lowered the minimum deposit on its Micro account to $100, down from $500. Minimum deposits for its range of other account types stay the same. Read more about IronFX and its trading conditions.

ThinkForex Rebranded To ThinkMarkets

ThinkForex has become ThinkMarkets. Read more about this broker, its trading platforms and its spreads: ThinkMarkets Review.

Volatile Markets & Forex

Volatility is a feature of markets, part of the regularities which characterise the behaviour of Forex pairs. It can be seen on a recurring basis, for example around news events and towards close of markets on Friday.

However Forex pairs can also become volatile, that is pairs can display volatile responses to events. As volatility can be seen around news events, it can also be seen on what might be termed larger scale news events, such as the Brexit vote. The focus of these events, the currency which is tied into the locus of the events, may display a greater tendency to volatile reactions, but it can also be seen in other pairs, perhaps to a lesser extent, depending on the currency or the nature of the event.

So what might volatility be characterised as ? It can be seen as irregular and large responses, because of some larger context within which the pair is enmeshed, for example market close, or a market responding to a revaluation, or a new landscape. These kinds of responses make volatility hard or unwise to trade. Even if a stop-loss is used, sharp movements back and forth can wreak havok with one. So the usual protections can become problematic.

However if a market has become prone to volatility, then a stop-loss might still potentially provide protection, if the sudden volatility takes place within a more usual set of market responses, such as trends, ranges and quiet moments before trends or ranges, or is characterised by sudden directional movements, rather than oscillations (which can be typical of recurring news events).

On a more speculative level it might be said that volatility can in some cases be an end or a beginning, that is volatility can be seen on charts around market turns or changes in the way a pair is moving, whether on short term or longer term charting.

Featured Post

Forex Trading vs Binary Options Trading: Fitting to the Structure of the Forex Market

Binary options trading can use Forex pairs as an underlying, so how does this differ from trading the pairs themselves. Forex trading can be...

16 February 2017

Forex Trading vs Binary Options Trading: Fitting to the Structure of the Forex Market

Binary options trading can use Forex pairs as an underlying, so how does this differ from trading the pairs themselves. Forex trading can be done many ways with different strategies, but at its most basic, it involves buying a Forex pair, in the belief that at some stage it will rise higher or selling it in the belief that at some stage it will be lower in price.

Binary options can come in many trading formats but at their most basic, the High/Low format involve buying the option in the belief that the underlying Forex pair will rise in value or selling it in the belief that the underlying Forex pair will drop in value. So what's the difference, both trades depend on the direction of movement of the price of a Forex pair, relative to a start point.

The difference is that binary options trades are usually set in time, there is no open ended time frame as there is potentially in Forex. So the trader is speculating that the price of a Forex pair will rise or will fall and stay above or below the start price at the end of this time frame. The amount of rise or fall, that is the depth of the movement of the price, the differential does not matter, except that there is one. This is because the payout of this kind of trade is typically fixed and is based only on whether the price stays above or below this barrier set by the start price, at this end point.

In a way though Forex trades also depend on the movement within barriers, but barriers set by the market. This is because Forex pairs can move up or down and may tend to move in structures of moves up and down to get from time point A to time point B. This tends to time limit a trade, as deep moves opposite to the traded direction may not be sustainable or a set of move up and down may not be worth continuing to trade, for various reasons. So Forex trades can be limited effectively in time by the nature of movement of prices in the market. That is what pattern in market can be about, the way they structure movement of prices imposing limitations on the apparent open ended limitless nature of a Forex trade.

This can also be brought back to binary options. Because while it may seem simple to speculate that a price will be above or below a start value, in fact exactly the same potential patterns should apply, as the underlying asset is a Forex pair in the market. So the potential of a binary options trade to return the fixed payout becomes limited by the way a pair can move in the market.

Thus in some sense, the way a Forex pair moves, the existence of patterns contingent on value levels, stop and limit orders, big figures, inputs into the market, computer program, traders trading on the expectation of patterns and helping to shape them to some extent and so on can impose limits on the apparent potential of Forex and binary options trades.

This does point to a potential advantage of Forex, that trades can be dynamically shaped to the market by the trader, in the short and the longer term. However binary options also have this advantage: that the time frames may allow for trades, especially on short term time or long term time frames, which may simply not be practicable with Forex trading, in normal markets as opposed to extreme market conditions such as volatility around news events on the long or short term. In this sense the structure of a binary options trade may potentially fit to certain market conditions which Forex trades may not.