28 February 2015

Keeping the Core Moving

If one is making something for new media does it more naturally fit as a purely creative construct, devoid of marketing forms. It is my sense that the naturalistic form of new media constructs is to be driven by creative processes.

Why might I say this, because there is something about the freedom and scope of the medium, that enables such creativity. But one wants to markets one's content, if only to find an audience, the great promise of this medium that may be hard to fulfill.

It may be possible to naturalistically use the forms of the medium to try and fit one's creative content into marketable forms - the medium seems to fit both perhaps hard to combine forms, giving it strength as a marketing platform.

It is more than a development of sophisticated marketing, it is material which does not aim to capture the sensibilities of marketing, rather to be content which may be marketed. So to facilitate this, the various technologies of the Internet exist, to make it marketable. The creative optimised core sits within technology to bring it to an audience.

Presumably there are limits to this, limits existing in any medium. In new media that may be a question of how the medium fits forms of marketing and creativity - which may be a question of keeping the core moving. And may be related to each instance of content.

So perhaps it comes back to marketing in the end. Or perhaps it makes for better content, for marketing is maybe really about optimising, so it is about making content that can fit marketing endeavors, without affecting the creative expressive nature of the content itself. And what the limits of this are, may be being expanded by the medium, fitting marketing and content in more optimised forms.