12 February 2015

Content Creation at the Core

Is it possible to imagine content that is both automated and creative. Let us consider that content is structured. How close to automation is structured content. Let us consider whether creative content can be structured. And if it can be, can it be structured in such a way that it has some reasonable state of automation.

These are pressing issues in Internet content creation, because it is desirable that content have an originality that is hard to see not coming from creative reasoning. Yet, there is a frequency and regularity required that may be hard to maintain for this kind of content.

What I find is that creative content emerges when it will. But it is possible to structure it by its very nature as blog content.

What helps is to have an analytical core driving it, so there is a fall back in descriptive narratives, something also to focus the content development around.

Yet some content, in this Site, content emanating from this main blog (this one) is not structured in such a way. Yet it has a structuring nonetheless. I wonder if this is a creative structuring, by the process of creative reasoning, over time.

I noted when writing away from the Internet that such a longer term structuring did take place. Is this the same thing. That to me is an interesting question. But unlike the analysis which seeks to look at core issues via questions, this blog seeks some kind of answer. So that seems to drive it, a questing for answers. Does this mean there is an answer in the way there may not be in markets, by their very nature. I think perhaps so, as the very nature of this blog is that it looks at something which is happening, and asks what it is. But there is an unanswered future element to it as well, as it is about something developing which may have a future life beyond what it is at present.

Is this not the case with markets as well. Well, here perhaps is the movement of future expectations to the present, so there is never an answer. But there is no final answer either for this blog, but markers along the way. So it is automated, by its own creation. Is this not the case for markets as well. A good question, but they are perhaps endlessly deconstructing their answers. So each week, one beings anew, but perhaps with some longer term narrative strand from certain regularities and their influence in futures. Or perhaps not. And indeed the idea has been that this kind of structure in markets comes and goes over time. So there is at least some kind of structuring from hanging onto this narrative, as it comes and goes, and dealing with what lies in between.