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Online CFD Broker Australia - Margin Trading Bitcoin
Online BrokerMinimum MarginMaximum LeverageBTC CFD Trading Platforms
20%5:1MT4, MT5, cTrader
25%4:1Web Trader, AT Pro

Margin Trading Bitcoin - Bitcoin CFD Trading

Bitcoin CFDs can be traded at Australian regulated brokers. When trading a Bitcoin CFD, the trader does not own cryptocurrency. Rather they are trading based on the value of the Bitcoin CFD, which is itself based on the value of the underlying cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). This allows the trader to trade without having to put up the full value of the CFD, that is to trade on margin.

Margin specifies the percentage of the value which must be put up to trade the CFD. Leverage is related to margin, as it specifies as a ratio the part of the full value which needs to be put up (as margin decreases, leverage increases and vice versa). Decreasing margin or increasing leverage increases risk. In the European Economic Area (EEA), Bitcoin leverage trading is also possible, with slightly higher margin requirements.

Additionally, as the trader does not own any Bitcoin when trading a Bitcoin CFD, they do not need a wallet or other means to store Bitcoin and can go long (speculate on a rising market) or short (speculate on a falling market). Furthermore, they can access the capabilities and resources of the online trading platforms which the broker provides to trade their range of CFDs.

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