Deriv Online Trading Platform Review

Deriv Platform Review | A Guide For Traders

Trade From 1 Second On A User Friendly Platform

  •  DTrader: User Friendly
  •  DBot: Robots
  •  DMT5: MT5 Trading
  •  Minimum Deposit: $5
  •  Minimum Order: $0.35
  •  Leverage Up To 1000:1
Trade Crash Boom, Volatility, Jump, Step & Range Break Indices 24/7 On MT5 & Deriv X

Deriv Trading Platform Review

What is Deriv ? Deriv began as a suite of platforms provided by, packaged into one platform, available on desktop, tablet and mobile. Deriv takes's platform offering, rebrands them and places them in an intuitive trading suite, however Deriv provides as well two new user friendly platforms, Deriv X and DTrader. has rebranded and moved to Deriv. Deriv brings together the wide range of ways to trade which offered, but the trader may appreciate having it all accessible from one platform as well as the additonal platforms and features provided. Deriv Sign-Up

What is on Deriv ?

Deriv consists of Deriv X, DTrader, DBot, DMT5 and SmartTrader. All of the platforms can be accessed by a drop down, so the trader may move from platform to platform as they wish (both Deriv X and MT5 require the creation of accounts within the Deriv platform account). Each platform has a different type of market provided, with some similarities between them, or has a specific functionality.

One possible effect of this is to show how and now offer a core group of markets, that is Synthetic Indices which can be traded as a margin product, as options and as multipliers. Multipliers let the trader magnify the effect of the movement of a market on the chart. The trader can also trade CFDs based on real markets (when trading a CFD, the trader does not own the market). Some products may not be available in some countries.

Native apps are also available. MT5 offers a user friendly mobile app (with an innovative ring for setting time frames) and Deriv itself provides its Deriv GO app. Deriv GO is an intuitive, user friendly mobile app for trading Multipliers. It offers similar functionality as the DTrader platform, but for Multipliers only.

What is the minimum deposit ?

There is no minimum deposit to use the demo account, but the minimum deposit to trade on a live account varies depending on the payment method. For example with Neteller and SticPay is it $5, with Credit and Debit Cards and Skrill it is $10. The maximum deposit is $10,000 for these methods. As Deriv has a very low minimum order size of $0.35, it is possible to make a trade with a small account size. There is no minimum depoit for the Deriv X and DMT5 accounts. The trader moves funds from and to these accounts using their Deriv account.

What is DTrader ?

DTrader is Deriv's user friendly web trader platform. It offers Forex, Commodities, Indices and Synthetic Indices with a minimum order size of $0.35, trade times from 1 second-365 days and maximum payout rates of 200%+. Both options and multipliers are available on DTrader. Synthetic Indices are simulated markets and can be traded 24/7.

The Synthetic Indices offered are Volatility Indices, Daily Reset Indices, Crash/Boom Indices, Jump Indices and the Step Index. The Volatility Indices simulate different types of volatility, while the Daily Reset Indices simulate overall market conditions, namely a Bear (falling) or a Bull (rising) Market. The Jump Indices are a type of Volatility Index which jumps three times an hour. The Crash/Boom Indices simulate market spike, while the Step Index has an equal probability of going up or down with each step.

So unlike with real markets, the trader can choose types of volatility or markets to trade. DTrader can be seen as aiming to provide a user friendly interface which can be used by beginners as well as more advanced traders.

What is DBot ?

DBot is Deriv's automated trading platform. It allows the trader to create and run online trading robots (at no cost) based on options. Robots trade on behalf of the trader, executing the rules they are given (i.e. their algorithms). DBot does not require programming, rather the trader sets the parameters (rules) by dragging, dropping and configuring blocks and indicators (again the focus on intuitive functionality).

For example, a rule can be made for a Synthetic Index to be traded given certain conditions. The trader can also choose from ready made strategies on DBot. So the trader may move from trading on DTrader to creating a robot to trade for them using a strategy they are using or try another one. In essence, DBot aims to provide an intuitive way to build online trading robots and offers the capacity to run robots, without needing a VPS.

What Does Each Deriv Component Platform Do
Deriv PlatformWhat's It ForDescription
Deriv Platform
Options & Multipliers Trading
What's It For
DTrader is a trading platform related in some ways to SmartTrader but offering trading in a more intuitive manner
Deriv GO
Deriv Mobile Platform
Multipliers Trading
What's It For
Deriv GO is an intuitive mobile app which reflects the functionality of DTrader but for trading Multipliers only
Deriv Platform
Options Robots
What's It For
Traders can build and run robots to trade options without coding, rather by setting parameters from menus and dragging and dropping components to build more advanced strategies
Deriv Platform
Margin trading CFDs based on real markets and Synthetic Indices
What's It For
DMT5 consists of an MT5 web trader and allows the trader to download desktop and mobile MT5. Desktop MT5 has the full features of MT5.
Deriv X
Deriv Platform
Margin trading CFDs based on real markets and Synthetic Indices
What's It For
Deriv X is a user friendly platform with a range of features to support traders
Deriv Platform
Options & Multipliers Trading
What's It For
SmartTrader was's flagship options trading platform and it has been brought to Deriv

What is DMT5 ?

DMT5 is MetaTrader 5 (MT5) available from the web trader and offers trading on margin. The trader needs to create one or more MT5 accounts. The accounts available are the Financial account, the Financial STP account and the Synthetic account. These accounts can be created directly from Deriv as real and demo accounts. None of the MT5 accounts charge commissions, except for Cryptocurrency CFDs on the Financial account. The trader may also use desktop MT5 and mobile MT5.

The Financial STP account is an STP account but has lower maximum leverage than the other accounts. The maximum leverage for the Financial STP account is 100:1, the maximum leverage for the Financial and Synthetic accounts is 1000:1 depending on location (increasing leverage increases risk).

The Synthetic account is for trading Synthetic Indices only with leverage, and has the most Synthetic Indices available to trade. The Financial and Financial STP accounts provide CFDs based on real markets on margin. DMT5 therefore offers the trader the capacity to trade CFDs on margin via real and simulated markets on the MetaTrader 5 platform.

What is Deriv X ?

Deriv X is a user friendly platform with an intutive interface. It is in essence a way for traders to trade CFDs and Synthetic Indices CFDs on a user friendly platform with a range of innovative features.

Deriv X offers 85+ technical indicators and features such as a Trading Journal which updates as trades happen, providing the trader insight into their trading activity. There is also a series of metrics available on the platform which analyse the trader's performance, such as Win Rate and % Drawdown.

This is a platform for the trader who plans and execute their own trades, providing particular support for this kind of trading.

What is SmartTrader ?

SmartTrader provides trading with CFDs based on real markets and simulated markets. It offers options and multipliers based on these markets. Thus the trader may choose a trade type with a payout rate or a multiplier. Payout rates can be low or relatively high (200%+) depending on a number of factors. A payout is for a successful trade, when a trade is unsuccessful, the invested sum is lost.

SmartTrader on Deriv mirrors the layout of the SmartTrader platform which was available from (i.e its core platform). It differs from DTrader in the number of trade types available and in the way the trader can choose and configure trade types to trade. DTrader perhaps has a more intuitive way to set these kinds of parameters, but SmartTrader has more ways to trade (i.e. more trade types).

What is the difference between and Deriv ?

Deriv was a suite of platforms offered by As is a rebranding of, the Deriv versions of the platform have different names, with the exception of SmartTrader. Binary Bot becomes DBot and MT5 becomes DMT5. has moved to Deriv and the trader can sign up directly for Deriv.


The DTrader platform offers a range of tools to analyse markets. These include charting time frames from tick to daily, Area, Candle, Hollow and OHLC price types and 20+ technical indicators. Driv GO offers Area and Candlestick charts. MT5 desktop download (available from DMT5 after an MT5 account has been created) has a wider range of technical indicators and tools, including an Economic Calendar. Deriv X offer 85+ technical indicators and other charting tools in a user friendly interface.

What is the minimum order size ?

The minimum order size is $0.35 which is for trading options on DTrader and SmartTrader based on Synthetic Indices. The minimum stake size for multipliers is $1. Minimum trade sizes on Deriv X and DMT5 for CFDs traded on margin (with leverage) on real or Synthetic Indices vary depending on the market, but can be as low as 0.001 lots. Micro lot trading is available, but lower trade sizes can be found on some Volatility Indices on MT5 and Deriv X. The maximum trade size on MT5 is 30 lots.

Why Deriv ?

Deriv is distinctive, in the way that was distinctive. offered a wide range of platforms and ways to trade markets from real to simulated. But Deriv combines these platforms and offers a new platforms in the shape of Deriv X and DTrader.

Traders from beginners to advanced may appreciate Deriv. For example, a trader can start off and trade markets on Deriv X and then progress to MT5. If they are interested in Synthetic Indices they can trade them across the platforms, but may find the most on the MT5 and the Deriv X Synthetic account. When they feel ready, the trader can automate their options trades without coding on DBot.

So Deriv can be seen as an advance in that it packages the platforms has developed over the years but in an more intuitive way and adds user friendly DTrader and Deriv X and the Deriv GO Multipliers mobile app.