Deriv GO Review

Deriv GO Review | A Guide For Traders

Trade From $1 and Up To $2000

  •  Deriv GO App
  •  24/7 Synthetic Indices
  •  24/7 Bitcoin Multipliers
  •  Minimum Stake: $1
  •  $5 Minimum Deposit
  •  Deal Cancellation
Trade 24/7 On Deriv Go With Crypto and Synthetic Indices Multipliers

Deriv GO Review

Deriv GO is a user friendly mobile app for trading a wide range of markets using Multipliers. It can be seen as complementing the Deriv DTrader web trader which also offers Multipliers, however Deriv GO is focused on mobile friendly Multipliers trading. Multipliers amplify the effect of movement in value of a traded market. Markets available include Synthetic Indices and Cryptos, both of which can be traded with Multipliers 24/7.

Deriv has been in operation originally since 1999 and provides user friendly platforms for trading markets from CFDs on leverage to Multipliers.

Deriv GO is designed to be intuitive and user friendly, bringing Multipliers trading to a mobile device, with both Area and Candlestick charts. Multipliers carry risk, as they amplify changes in the value of an underlying market.

What is the current app version ?

The current release is 1.0.0, which includes changes from previous releases (a redesigned home page with access to deposits and withdrawals, transfers between accounts, Deriv P2P, help, 24/7 live chat, layout changes and more) along with fixes. Additionally a leveraged CFD trading account has been added (the Deriv EZ platform).

How to use the app

The Deriv GO app can be downloaded from the appstore for the trader's phone. Then the trader needs to either log into an existing Deriv account, or create a new one. A new account can be created here: Deriv Sign-Up.

When the app is loaded, there is a menu at the bottom of the screen. This includes 'Trade', for trading, 'Cashier', for depositing and withdrawing, 'Markets' for tradable markets, 'Positions' for trades and the Home icon. The available accounts are on top. Deriv offers a wide range of accounts, covering a chosen fiat account and a number of Crypto accounts.

From the 'Trade' tab, the trader can choose a market to trade. The markets offered are Synthetic Indices (the same range as on the Deriv DTrader platform), Forex Pairs, Cryptocurrencies (BTC and ETH) and Basket Indices, which are based on baskets of Commodities and Forex. The markets which are open 24/7 are Synthetic Indices and Cryptos, the other markets have closing times, as they are based on markets which open and close. Synthetic Indices are not based on real markets, but on an algorithm and therefore do not close while Crypto markets are open 24/7.

When a market is selected, it brings up a screen with an Area chart (candlestick can also be chosen) and ways to place the order. The trader may wish for more detail, and this is available by clicking on the chart to find a detailed, easy to see candelstick chart. Near the top right, the trader can choose the time frames for the chart (1 tick to 1 day) and the chart type, from another easy to use, intuitive screen.

Underneath the chart, are the ways of placing the trade. On the left is the trade amount, which can be set from $1 (or equivalent). On the right of this, is the Multiplier, which can be chosen from a range depending on the market, and can be up to 1000x. The Multiplier chosen affects the outcome of the trade, as the sum won or lost is the stake times the percentage change in the market price times the Multiplier. So choosing a larger Multiplier means that the trader can both win a larger amount or lose a larger amount, depending on the outcome of the trade.

A Take Profit (TP - when to exit the trade when it goes in the trader's direction) or a Stop-Loss (SL - when to exit a trade when it goes against the trader) can also be set from this menu.

The predicted outcome of the trade is selected by the trader by chosing one of the buttons near the bottom of the screen (just above the menu), that is 'Up' or 'Down'. There is a commission charge for each trade, which is given above the multiplier box.

Deriv also allows the trade to set Deal Cancellation, which lets the trader cancel a trade (for a fee) within a time frame from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. This is a way to hedge risk, for a fee.

Deriv GO Multipliers Features Highlight
FeatureDeriv PlatformsDescription
Deriv GO, DTrader
Deriv Platforms
Deriv GO offers mobile Multipliers trading
24/7 Trading
Deriv GO, DTrader
Deriv Platforms
24/7 trading is available for Synthetic Indices and Cryptos with Multipliers
Synthetic Indices
Deriv GO, DTrader
Deriv Platform
Deriv offers a wide range of Synthetic Indices on Deriv GO, these simulate different market conditions such as volatility
Deriv GO, DTrader
Deriv Platforms
24/7 trading of Multipliers with Bitcoin and Ether is offered on Deriv GO

What are Multipliers ?

Multipliers have similarities with leveraged trading, in that they increase the value of each move in a market's price. They are not time limited, there is no way to preset a time. So the trader is trading like they are trading a leveraged market, but with the capacity to amplify the effect of price changes using the Multiplier. Thus in effect the trade can be time limited, as the move for or against, may trigger a risk management setting or may prompt the trader to end the trade.

Markets tend to move in waves, and can go against the traded direction, even if they work out in end. A Multiplier can make it difficult to stay in a trade without it being ended by risk management or the trader. Unlike leveraged trading however where losses are unlimited, losses with Multipliers are limited to the stake.

The key idea is that when a trader invests in a market, the value of the sum invested becomes affected by the change in value of the market, this is the idea of trading. So for each percentage change in the value of the market, the value of the traded sum increases or decreases by this percentage. The Multiplier increases the effect of this change by the chosen multiple. This is why Multipliers amplify the effect of value changes in the market.

Let's say Up was chosen and the selected market moves up by 1% (that is its value has increased by 1%). Then the amount to be won (as it is up) is the stake (let's say $15) times 1% times (let's say a Multiplier of 100) = 15 x 1% x 100 = 15c x 100 = $15. Without a Multiplier this would be a 15c change in value. As the stake goes up and the market increases up or down, the effect of the Multiplier itself amplifies. This means that losses can increase rapidly as well, in a trade which goes increasingly against the trader.

The trader cannot control the movement of the market, but they can speculate about it, control the stake and the Multiplier and use risk management to stop a trade getting out of control. Deal Cancellation offers a fail safe, if things go wrong.

Wins are not limited (similar to leveraged trading), but in effect they are limited by the way markets move in retracements and the risk appetite of the trader.

What is the stake ?

The stake is part of the calculation to determine the amount won or loss and also to determine the maximum which can be lost. It also limits the loss to the stake. The minimum stake is $1 and the maximum stake is $2000. Deriv Sign-Up

How does Deal Cancellation work ?

Deal Cancellation is a feature available on Deriv GO (and DTrader) which lets the the trader cancel their trade within a time frame set by the trader when opening the trade, T&Cs apply. These time frames range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. If the trader sets a stop loss, then Deal Cancellation is triggered if the trade reaches this level as long as it is activated for the trade. There is a charge to use this feature based on the size of the stake and the duration of the time frame. Deriv Sign-Up

Is there a commission charge for the trade ?

Each trade has a commission charge based on the stake size and the Multiplier. It is shown on the platform.

Is it possible to trade leveraged markets ?

While multipliers have many similarities with leveraged trading, they are the same. Multipliers for example limit downside risk, while leveraged trading does not. At Deriv, leveraged CFD trading is available on MT5 and Deriv X, both of which offer mobile trading. However leveraged CFD trading is now possible on the Deriv GO app. There are 150+ markets to trade covering Forex, Indices, Energy, Metals, Stocks and Crypto CFDs. Additionally Synthetic Indices are available to trade. The trader may open a demo (with $10,000 virtual funds) and a real Deriv EZ account from the Deriv Go app.

Analysis with Support and Resistance

One way to approach Multipliers it to try and see what the floor and top of the range of movement of the market might be, within a time frame acceptable for the trader. A way to do this is by using candlestick charts (available on Deriv GO) to work out support and resistance.

Support and resistance are past support and resistance and may not be respected in the future, however they are a way to try and find an approach based on the market, rather then simply guessing (which tends not to work out in trading markets as they move in complex, hard to predict ways).

This potentially helps because knowing support and resistance can give an indication of how far the market may be capable of moving in a chosen direction.

What Synthetic Indices are offered ?

Deriv GO offers a relatively wide range of Synthetic Indices. The widest range is on MT5, for leveraged trading, available from the Deriv platform, which can be accessed using the account details for the Deriv GO app. Deriv GO's Synthetic Indices include what are termed Continuous Indices, which are Volatility Indices. These allow the trader to choose levels of volatility, from low to high. The trader can also chose how fast they update.

The trader is also offered Crash/Boom Indices, which simulate crashing or booming markets, Jump Indices which jump in value in a given number of steps and offer different volatility and the Step Index which has an equal probability of going up or down with each step. Thus the trader can try out different simulations of different types of markets.

What Cryptos are offered with Multiplers on Deriv GO ?

BTC/USD and ETH/USD are available. Cryptos are extremely volatile and have lower multipliers (up to 50x).

What is the minimum deposit to use Deriv GO ?

The minimum deposit is $5 but can vary depending on the chosen payment method (for Crypto denominated accounts, there is no minimum deposit). Payment methods include Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Fasapay, Perfect Money, WebMoney, Paysafecard, Jeton, Sticpay, Airtm, Pay Livre, OnlineNaira, Trustly, Beyonic, AstroPay, 1ForYou and Advcash (payment method availability depends on the trader's region). Crypto accounts are available, covering Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether and USD Coin. For Crypto accounts, Changelly, Banxa and XanPool are also available.

Why trade Multipliers on Deriv GO ?

Deriv GO offers Multiplier trading on a wide range of markets. Multipliers amplify the effect of changes in value in a market and limit the loss to the traded sum. Deriv GO is intuitive and user friendly and has a low minimum deposit of $5 and a low trade amount from $1. A Deriv Go account also gives access to Deriv's wide range of other markets and platforms, which include Multipliers on the user friendly DTrader web trader and leveraged trading on MT5 and user friendly Deriv X.