30 May 2015

What Should Drive the Production of New Media Content ?

Is it possible to control the production of creative new media content. Is it necessary to let some time elapse between blog posts for example, or other related new media content. It is a key concern if one is producing new media content.

It feels to me that there is sometimes a wellspring from which content comes and indeed it gets used up and must be replenished. That is, one can write daily blog posts, but at a certain point they become difficult to compose. It may be desirable to avoid having an algorithmic approach to new media content, because in this case, the creative source is avoided or perhaps constrained.

Perhaps the point of content is to produce the best it can be, and to avoid the tribulations that a creative source brings, is to avoid the fact it may generate the better kinds of content. But is this the case, is the content suitable for new media, content which is closer to being algorithmic. That is to say, on the Internet, does not one want generated bites of things to read on ones smartphone or while surfing.

I would think not necessarily, but it may be the case that a native new media form incorporates such structure, as well as having the capacity to find depth, maybe even a depth that comes from development over time, of ideas and presentation. This may enable a kind of smoothness of content, in the content of the technology presenting it. This smoothness may not necessarily be symmetrical with traditional media.

So my answer to this, is to find structure, so one tries to avoid issues that can enter any output and indeed make use of the native advantages of new media to counteract them and include time lapse as part of this. The continuing logical direction, informed by creative sources, helps generate the output. This can be quite structured in terms of time, or less structured, especially in terms of updates to established content that is suited to being updated.

It is perhaps less enjoyable than pure creative output. However, one does not feel like one is exhausting the creative spring, but rather that one is improving its presentation in this world. So what determines the rate of output, and the desirability for this, is to an extent the work itself. But behind this is the flexibility and power of new media tools.