02 November 2013

New Media and an Adaptive Future

One interesting thing about new media, is that it is new, and one can see how what is already there can affect it. What I mean by this, is to what extent new media remains something different. It does seem to, one can note that the technology evolves, if that is the word, in a way that may enable freedom to thrive.

One can also note that the sourcing of new media platforms in a place which has the strongest protections for free speech, is surely something which keeps a special character of expressive potential alive, or seems to. It comes down to the capacity to do that which one may want to do.

To do this may not be something which is quick, thus it may need an environment which allows for longer term development. Many countries want successful companies such as exist in Silicon Valley, but this may be impaired by a lack of such an environment.

But can one see such an environment elsewhere. May another place have an environment that differs but in doing so may advance tech and new media in different ways. This is a bit like different ways of doing new media. Like many things in society, it depends what is important to those in it.

However everyone wants what successful companies bring. And there is perhaps no formula for enabling this to be the case. Yet one can look at one place in this world and see it do all this.

I am mindful of the fact that some countries did engineer, if one may put it like this, great economic success in the run up to the crisis. One tended to see this as being firmly embedded in the character and way of the place, when it worked. For me, the effect of the crisis does not mean this was not a success, or that the benefits of all this do not still remain.

So can different places give a character to new media, like this. There is a character to new media that the individual seems to matter, despite its expression in vast accumulations of outputs.

What it is though that makes that effect is not perhaps entirely clear, but then is it ever in real life. Is it different from real life. It might be, to an interesting extent. And here we have the possibility for environment to be contributory to the elements that make for the effect of new media.

But is the effect of new media important for companies. It might be for future companies, for the present one cannot really comment, except to note again that adaptability that comes from a medium that is still saturated with freedom.

However we can note that the production of new media content may need a positive environment, if it is to achieve over time, and other than Silicon Valley. But that itself is a tall order even in the West, for whom the idea of letting people produce content in an individualistic, open ended and free way, that is to develop content, in public may be something of a novelty.

Whilst nobody presumably has issues with somebody working on a piece of creative fiction, the idea of content development in public may be something that perhaps should also be supported. Supported even in this way: creating an environment where it can happen and can continue to happen through the task of development, if such an environment needs to be created.

This blog has touched on whether one can develop content in small bites, or even larger bites (something of interest to me), live, that is not revealed after finding a publisher then being carefully edited for publication. I would note that part of the way culture develops is that people find ways, if they can, if they wish to do so.

One has noted a sense of an adaptability to new media companies. But having the elements strong may make for even greater adaptability and we can ask from where such adaptability emerges. So there are perhaps multiple connected forces at work, to create maybe a new expressive and adaptive future, with a role for the special character of different locations to be adaptive as well.

For me, I note pretty much endless potential limited only by the capacity and desire to build. It is not perhaps the cyber world on the Internet imagined not so long ago, but it is both an established world, of text and images and a new world of swiftness, presentation and connectivity, which itself can alter the nature of location. The difference may or may not be subtle, but even from such subtlety, new things can emerge.