24 July 2010

Market Flow, Resonating, Recharging and Ready to Surge

Is it important to be aware of money flow when dealing with markets, as this seems to affect value. Are there different kind of money flow. This question is raised because of the way money flow was an important factor in the aftermath of the crisis, in terms of an asset recovery. And the still unanswered question (via this update in 8/31/2014), what happens when the (constructed) flow is removed. So it can be asked, are companies inherently immunized from money flow, that is even long term exposure to it as a way of supporting value, may not really affect them.

An assumption can be made that there is a computational mechanism which a quality company will key in with and into. That needs no technical or fundamental analysis per se, it needs financial analysis.

This is a search for something for the market to catch onto into the structure of the company, to mold it over time in non-linear spurts, thus what is happening to other companies in its sector and across other sectors is significant in terms of information, to see what the market is sensitive to.

This is bottom up, comparative and referential, a search for structures in a company and the market's take on this, as it were. And perhaps money flow immune, so whether there are different kind of money flow, it is not of concern to inherent value of a company.

My comments in previous posts about money flows and conduits are about the way money flow, which lifts established shares up and down seems to have been used to support deflated asset values from the aftermath of the crisis.

My examination of markets in the blog is to see if this has affected though the computational mechanisms inherent in the Dow. That is an open question and one which reflects on the extent of immunity.

In a normal market money flow may push value up and down.

But what if share values are only being defined by a constructed money flow. Well, you get slides and ranges and gravity wells, perhaps. But a real recovery maybe perhaps is happening and this is something like an Elliott Wave, even if hidden by the effects of money flow.

This kind of data analysis may be only showing symptoms of something deeper, though. Put it this way rather, it is about that moment when a company and a market is resonating, recharging, ready to surge, despite everything.

(updated 9/1/14, 8:01pm ET)

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