13 July 2010

AUD Structure

This is a quick look at AUD. This interests me because it is so volatile, trading it can seem like rolling a dice. However look at its 5 minute chart. It does conform well to RSI extremes. RSI is something I looked at closely on the 1 minute chart. RSI is not about chaos it is about computational structure, like a mirror its use reflects this structure into the market, perhaps.

USD/JPY has problems with RSI on 1 min, there is a lack of conformity to it sufficient to bring you to the card table. It becomes a matter of luck, or endless detailed analysis of why it went wrong or why it went right (this is why I combined it with Ehler Fisher in an attempt to resonate more precisely with the computational strucutre of this currency).

USD/JPY is a liquid currency a conduit I would say interfacing all sorts of structure. AUD is closer to being a pure currency referencing its internal valuations to USD. This suggests perhaps RSI captures something intrinsic to a currency valuation, rather then simply a reflective structure.

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