27 May 2010

Euro Fundamentals

The market since 2008 has been characterized by a huge amount of cheap money (from very low interest rates across the world) swirling about from stock to stock, pushing them up in waves. Today (5/27/10) a Euro rebound caused a huge surge despite some negative fundamentals. Why ? Because it is all about cash.

The Euro rebounded for technical reasons, because it bounced from a low which went under its low in the financial crisis. The computer programs more or less have to have to revalue the Euro when this happens (the spike bounce). This cheapened the dollar and caused massive program buying of now relatively cheaper commodity stocks, which were cheap anyway.

However there are fundamental strengths. I do believe elements such as the stimulus bill and the force of rationality within the Obama administration is laying the groundwork for a real asset driven movement upwards.

If this is the case then companies with strong balance sheets will be worth looking at. Right now they have this quality, they come up with the floods of money. Another company my model rates very highly is G (these are the stock symbols, put them into MSN Money).

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