25 May 2010

Forex Books 1: Quick Review

Alright...this is one of the best books on Forex I read. It cuts though the messiness of Forex, the lore of technical analysis. Now technical analysis is not nonsense, but the market is much more complex than the programs used in technical analysis.

Schlossberg does not like the ADX. I find it useful, as it can indicate a coming divergence when it is at extreme levels (40 +). He does like the RSI, as do I and really likes Bollinger Bands, particularly when used as a pair of 1 and 2 standard deviations.

I would say his methods are for those who have a lot of capital. The methods he talks about, including his own, try and ignore the way the Forex market moves, the sudden reversals which either make you buy at a top or sell at a bottom, but this takes serious cash back up.

It is basically an attempt to ignore the zero sum game inherent in Forex. But this book is a fascinating insight into the way larger traders use the Forex market. And this can be useful information for smaller traders.

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