Trading 212 vs MetaTrader 4

Trading 212 vs MetaTrader 4
Trading 212 vs MetaTrader 4 Summary Comparison Table
Online BrokerMinimum DepositTrading 212 vs MetaTrader 4
Minimum Deposit
Trading 212 is a broker offering a user friendly web trader (and apps). On this platform it provides both Stocks to trade as CFDs and real Stocks to own, as well as a relatively large offering of Forex pairs. Trading 212 has 10,000+ markets available and allows fractional Stocks (hence its real Stocks minimum deposit of $1). Trading 212 does not offer MT4.
Trading 212 vs MetaTrader 4
Minimum Deposit
MT4 (and its successor MT5) are platforms offered by brokers such as AvaTrade. MetaTrader is customisable but has core features including the capacity to support trading with robots (and without). The trader can download and build robots and technical indicators. AvaTrade offers 200+ markets on MT4, but 1000+ on MT5 including Stocks CFDs.
Trading 212 vs MetaTrader 4

Trading 212 vs MetaTrader 4 - Broker vs Trading Platform

Trading 212 is a broker offering a range of markets including Stocks CFDs to trade and real Stocks to own. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is an online trading platform which a large number of brokers offer, but not Trading 212. Trading 212 does offer an online trading platform, which differs from MetaTrader 4.

Automated trading

A major difference between Trading 212 and MetaTrader 4 is that MetaTrader 4 is a platform known for supporting automating trading with online trading robots. Robots are computer programs which execute algorithms on behalf of the trader. MetaTrader 4 has its own robots called Expert Advisors (EAs).

The trader can use EAs already made, or make them by programming them in the MQL4 programming language. Trading 212's online trading platform does not allow the trader to make or run robots from the platform. Trading 212 is working on potentially allowing a third party platform to integrate with a live account to make and run robots, but this functionality is not yet available.

User friendliness

Since its platform is aimed at the trader who makes their own trading and investing decisions, Trading 212 has arguably designed a (human) user friendly trading platform. MT4 offers powerful features to suit traders who wish to use robots, but it also support those who execute their own trades.

Trade On MT4 Or With Trading 212
BrokerTrading PlatformDescription
Trading Platform
XM offers trading on MT4 and its successor MT5 and provides a cent (Micro) account with very small trade sizes and a minimum deposit of $5
Trading 212
Web Trader & Apps
Trading Platform
Trading 212 offers real Stocks to own and CFD to trade and has a minimum order size for Stocks of $1

Markets to trade

The markets on MT4 depends on the broker, but typically includes a range of CFD markets, such as Forex, Indices and Commodities. MT4 can have Stocks CFDs, and some brokers include these. A Stock CFD is not a real Stock, it references the value of a real Stock, allowing the trader to go long or short and to use leverage (increasing leverage increases risk) but not to own it. Trading 212 does offer Stocks CFDs but also provides real Stocks to own (and sell), in both cases without a commission charge. Thus it allows the trader to trade CFDs and to invest in real Stocks.

Forex trading

MetaTrader 4 is associated particularly with Forex trading even though it supports other markets. The bulk of markets offered on MT4 will typically be Forex, though if Stocks CFDs are also available, they can add bulk as well. One reason for MT4 and Forex going together, is that this market is a complex market which is open 24/5.

Thus the trader may wish to use either or both automated trading and non-automated trading to tackle it, for example to trade at times the trader is not available. This said, Trading 212 has an unusually large number of Forex pair for any broker, with 150+ available to trade as well as a user friendly trading platform to trade these markets.

Which is better Trading 212 or MetaTrader 4 ?

This depends on the needs of the trader. Trading 212 has a user friendly trading platform with a wide range and relatively large number of markets to trade (10,000+). It lets the trader trade Stocks CFDs and buy Stocks to own and has a large number of Forex pairs to trade.

To use MetaTrader 4, the trader needs to create an account with a broker which has this platform (but not Trading 212 as it does not offer MT4). Once the account has been opened and the trader has deposited the minimum deposit they may trade markets on this platform. However they can trade on their own behalf or use online trading robots and even build them.

As a third party platform, MT4 has an extensive website with tools and support for the trader, including the capacity to download indicators and EAs. MT4 does not tend to offer many Stocks CFDs, larger offerings may be offered on MT5. Additionally, MT4 tends to provide around 100-200+ markets, if MT5 is offered it may provide up to 1000+ markets, the bulk of which would be Stocks CFDs. The trader may sign up to Trading 212 on the link below, but if they wish can also sign up to a broker offering MT4, for which has been chosen here as it is a major MT4 broker.