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Top 10 CFD Brokers | CFD Broker Comparison

Top 10 CFD Brokers Comparison Table
Online BrokerMinimum DepositOnline Trading Platforms
$100Web Trader & Apps
$50Web Trader, MT4, Advanced Platform & Apps
$100Web Trader & Apps, MT4, MT5
NoneWeb Trader, MT4, Advantage Web & Apps, AT Pro Web Trader
$200Web Trader & Apps
$100Web Trader & Apps, MT4
$100R Trader Web Trader, MT4, MT5
$250Web Trader & Apps, MT4
NoneTrade Interceptor Web Trader & Apps, MT4, MT5
$10Trading Platform (Web, Downloaded and Apps)

Top 10 CFD Brokers - Online CFD Trading

This table contains 10 well known brokers offering Contracts For Difference (CFD) trading in a range of markets, all providing web traders designed for the human trader. Some also offer online trading platforms which can be used for automated trading, if the trader wants to use trading robots (and thus apply automated CFD trading).

However the main focus of this table is on this idea of a CFD broker: one which offers a user friendly trading platform which can be used by a wide range of traders, from beginner to more advanced and has a range of markets letting the trader trade markets, without owning them.

The value of a CFD is referenced to the value of the traded market. The trader trades with the CFD provider and does not buy or sell the market.

The CFD lets the trader trade on price difference. In general a trade is based on a speculation about price movement, thus a CFD takes this part of the trade and makes it what the trade is. As the trader neither buys or sells an underlying market, they can go long (speculate on a rising market) or go short (speculate on a falling market). Leverage is also available, but increasing leverage increases risk.

A trade is about speculation based on value over time, and a CFD captures the idea of trading on value based on suppositions about how a market will move. The trader can use a provided trading platform, applying charting tools to form an analysis and supplement this with fundamental data about the market and its wider context.

CFDs arguably capture an idea of accessibility and these brokers are chosen to express this idea, in terms of having reasonable minimum deposit requirements as well as accessible trading platforms. There are other ways to trade, and the trader may prefer to use an ECN broker for example, which also typically offers CFD trading, but which can provide a trading environment potentially more suited in some degree to the demands of automated trading.

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