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Spread Co Has Two Account Types Which Offer Spreads Fixed At Zero For Some Markets

FCA regulated spread betting broker Spread Co is offering two account types with spreads fixed at zero for 10 popular markets, in addition to its Standard account which has low fixed spreads. However, as might be expected, there are restrictions and fees payable in some cases.

What spread betting account types does Spread Co offer ?

Spread Co offers three account types. These are the Spread Free Account, the Spread Free Bronze Account and the Standard Spread Bet Account.

What is the Spread Free Account ?

The Spread Free account offers fixed zero spreads on 10 markets and has no fees. It is subject to a Fair Use policy which specifies that there are up to 4 free opening trades per day, after which there is a fee of £1 per point per opening trade, a maximum bet size of £3 per point per trade, a maximum position size per market of £10 per point. Finally, Standard spreads apply for up to 2 minutes after data release.

What is the Spread Free Bronze Account ?

This account also offers fixed spreads of zero on 10 markets. But it has a fee of £10 per month. This has the same Fair Use policy as the Spread Free account, except there are up to 6 free trades, the maximum bet size is £5 and the maximum position size is £20, i.e. in return for a fee, it loosens the restrictions.

What is Spread Co's minimum deposit ?

Spread Co's minimum recommended deposit for spread betting is £200. .

What is the Standard Spread Bet Account ?

This does not have Fair Use policy, but does not have fixed spreads of zero. However it can offer low fixed spreads, with EUR/USD at 0.8 points.

What markets are offered at fixed zero spread on the Spread Free and Spread Free Bronze accounts ?

GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, UK100, US30, US500 and GER30 - that is, a range of popular markets.

What platform can the trader spread bet on ?

The trader can spread bet on the Saturn Web trader and apps. This has a range of technical indicators, chart price types and other charting tools.

What is the full range of markets available to spread bet at Spread Co ?

The full range is Forex, Indices, Energy, Precious Metals, Equities, ETFs, ADRs and Bitcoin Futures, for a total of 1500+.

Is Spread Co regulated ?

Spread Co is based in London and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.