RoboMarkets Review

RoboMarkets Review | A Helpful Guide Before You Sign Up

Trade 12,000+ markets on R StocksTrader

  • CySEC regulated ✔
  • EUR/USD spreads from 0.0
  • Stocks CFDs
  • MT4, MT5
  • ECN trading
  • Cent account
  • Minimum deposit $/£100
  • Free strategy builders
Over 12,000+ markets on R StocksTrader

RoboMarkets Review

RoboMarkets is a CFD broker which offers a wide range of account types, from Cent to ECN, including automated trading. It offers a number of platform, including MT4, MT5, a Web Trader and R StocksTrader and provides free robot building tools.


RoboMarkets won the 'Best Investment Products' award at the 2017 London Forex Show, in the United Kingdom.

What markets does RoboMarkets offer to trade ?

RoboMarkets offers different markets to trade depending on the account type. The most are available on the R StocksTrader platform. This has over 12,000 available, covering Forex, Indices, Soft Commodities, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies and ETFs. Soft Commodities are available as ETFs on R StocksTrader.

What platforms are available ?

MT4, MT5 and R StocksTrader.

What is R StocksTrader ?

R StocksTrader is a web trader (different from the Web Trader which RoboMarkets providers for its other accounts) - it is not downloaded but can be accessed from a web browser. Its charting has time frames from 1 minute to 1 month, candles, bar, line and area chart types and 30+ technical indicators. The vast majority of its markets are Stocks, thus it is essentially RoboMarkets's Stock trading platform.

Trader charges commissions, which can vary depending on the market. The minimum Forex order size is 0.01 lots. It can be signed up to here: R StocksTrader

What other Web Trader does RoboMarkets offer ?

RoboMarkets offers a Web Trader which allows the trader to trade on MetaTrader. This has a visually pleasant interface. It offers time frames from 1 minute to 1 month, candle line and bar charts and 13 technical indicators. Thus it has less indicators and much less markets available than R StocksTrader.

What does ECN trading mean ?

ECN means Electronic Communication Network, referring to a system for buying and selling. In ECN trading at RoboMarkets, the broker places orders with liquidity providers using Straight Through Processing (STP), bypassing a dealing desk.

Doing this aims to result in lower prices available from the broker's liquidity providers being made available to the client, along with faster order execution and freedom to trade using styles such as automated or news trading, which may be problematic with a dealing desk.

Prices are a function of a number of factors, including liquidity (i.e. how much of a market exists). The most liquid Forex pairs can have prices from 0. However in return for bringing these prices to the client, a commission is charged.

How can a trader trade a Standard lot ?

A standard Forex lot is $100,000. Leverage allows the trader to control this sum, by only putting up a fraction of the amount. However increasing leverage increases risk. RoboMarkets (CySEC regulated) has maximum leverage of .

The trader does not need to trade lots, however and can opt to trader smaller sizes, including micro lots (0.01 lots).

As lot size goes down, the value of each increment or decrement of the price of an underlying asset reduces. Smaller lot sizes and higher leverage means that a trader can trade markets (which allow smaller lots sizes and higher leverage) with smaller account sizes.

What is the minimum deposit ?

The minimum deposit for all account types is $/€/£100. RoboMarkets.

Does the trader actually buy or sell assets ?

At CFD brokers, of which RoboMarkets is one, the trader does not own the underlying asset. Rather they are trading (buying or selling) using Contracts for Difference (CFDs), a derivative product which allows the trader to speculate on the movement of the price of the underlying asset. This allows for higher leverage.

What is the maximum leverage available ?

Clients in the European Economic Area have a maximum leverage available of .

What are RoboMarket's advantages ?

Brokers can roughly be divided into those which offer no dealing desk trading and have a smaller number of markets available and those which offer dealing desk trading with a larger (and sometimes particularly large) number of market offered. Typically large number of markets will mean mostly Stocks, but also an expanded range of other markets.

RoboMarkets aims to have both, as it provides ECN trading with a smaller number of markets and offers R StocksTrader with a relatively large number of markets to trade (but it does not have a particularly wide range of some markets and charges commissions). When an account is opened, the trader can add on other account types, and take advantage of other styles of trading, and platforms.

Does RoboMarkets have something to offer for advanced traders ?

It offers MT4 and MT5 Prime accounts, which are ECN account with a higher minimum deposit and lower commission charges. In addition it provides free tools for automated trading. These include R StocksTrader Strategy Builder, which allows automated strategies (robots) to be built without coding.


In conclusion, for a minimum deposit of $100 RoboMarkets offers a wide range of services and platforms, to suit traders with different styles and requirements, from discretionary to automated. Analysis, videos, education and other trading tools are available on the website. This is a broker with a relatively wide range of services to offer.