Plus500 Demo vs Real

Plus500 Demo vs Real
Plus500's Platform Demo & Real
Online BrokerMinimum DepositKey FeaturesTrading PlatformAbout
$/€/£100 or AU$200
Minimum Deposit
105+ Technical Indicators, Economic Calendar Integrated Into The Platform; Intuitive Design; Wide Range Of CFDs
Key Features
Web Trader, Apps
Trading Platform
Plus500 offers a user friendly, intuitive trading platform which can be switched back and forth between demo and live

Plus500's Platform Demo vs Real

The Demo account at Plus500 is the online trading platform with virtual funds, which is not real money and cannot be withdrawn. Upon initial sign up, the trader is given access to the demo platform and can test it out. A feature of Plus500's platform is that the trader can switch at any time between the demo and real account. However to be able to trade on the real (live) account, the trader needs to complete registration, be approved and deposit the minimum deposit of $100. Plus500

The demo account mirrors the functionality of the real account with the obvious difference that the trader is trading with virtual funds which are not real and cannot be withdrawn. Thus the trader may be trading with larger sums that they will be trading with on the real account. This can make a difference in the way a trader can trade on a demo vs real account, as larger account sizes can permit larger trade sizes and allow the trader to withstand greater retracements against a traded position, provided their stop-loss is not breached.

The platform for demo and real is designed to be particularly user friendly, and arguably intuitive in the manner in which it allows the trader to grasp its functionality and features using space and large fonts. However Plus500's platform is designed for a wide range of traders and has a relatively wide range of charting tools including 105+ technical indicators, used in technical analysis and trading.

The trader can read about each technical indicator if they wish then add the indicator to the chart and trade on its signals. However indicators will not necessarily work in the way they are intended. The trader can supplement their analysis with fundamental data. Plus500's platform real and demo shows for each market the news which may affect it along with projected, actual (after it happens) and past data. This kind of pin-point detail can help traders who use data to help them gauge how a market may move, with the caveat that data projections can be wrong and the market may not react as expected no matter what.

The markets available to trade encompass a wide range, with CFDs on Forex, Indices, Metals, Energy, Soft and Agricultural Commodities, Stocks, ETFs, Options and Cryprocurrencies available. When trading a CFD, the trader does not own the underlying market being traded, can go long or short as they wish and can use leverage (however increasing leverage increases risk). Overall there are 2000+ individual markets offered, with a relatively wide range within categories.

Plus500's platform then is one designed for the trader who plans and executes their own trades and wants a platform as user friendly as possible but with features to help them with technical and fundamental analysis. The trader may sign up below and get immediate access to the demo platform, test it out and then continue their application for a real account. The platform is available across a range of devices, from watch to desktop. At any time the trader may switch between live and demo, to take a break and practice trading.