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$100Web Trader & Apps
$250Web Trader & Apps

Monero CFD Trading

Monero is cryptocurrency used to send and receive digital payments. Its ticker symbol is XMR. Like other cryptocurrencies it operates on the blockchain, which is a record of all transactions in the cryptocurrency. The blockchain used by cryptocurrencies is typically but not always public. This means that data about transactions is recorded publicly.

Monero seeks to address this issue by using a protocol called CryptoNote. When making payments, the amounts, origins and destinations of transactions are hidden, making the transactions private. Monero used a key image for each transaction output to ensure that double-spending does not happen. It uses what is termed Pedersen commitments to ensure that transaction amounts are valid.

These brokers offer cryptocurrency CFD trading. When trading a cryptocurrency CFD, the trader does not own any cryptocurrency, can go long or short and use leverage (increasing leverage increases risk and cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile). The trader can additionally use the online trading platforms provided by the broker to trade their range of markets.

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