Heating Oil Spreadbetting

Heating Oil Spreadbetting

Heating Oil Spread Betting
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Heating Oil Monthly Future
Advantage Web, AT Pro
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City Index Offers Heating Oil Spread Betting And Other Commodities

Spread betting brokers typically offer Energy Commodities. Oil is usually available and perhaps other energies such as Natural Gas. Some brokers do however offer Heating Oil, which is also an Energy Commodity. City Index provides both Heating Oil CFD trading and spread betting.

Spread betting is available in the UK, but CFD trading is available in many other countries, including the UK. As a spread betting product, the trader would not own any underlying asset specified by the contract upon which the spread betting product is based.

As well as Energies, City Index offers a wide range of other markets, for a total of over 12,000.

Heating Oil Spread Betting

Heating Oil is a petroleum product. It can be offered in a Futures Contract which is traded on exchanges. In the UK, it is possible to spread bet, where the trader does not buy or sell the futures contract but rather speculates on price movement. This allows for commission free trading. City Index offers Heating Oil Monthly Future for spread betting.

On what platforms can Heating Oil be traded ?

Heating Oil Monthly Future can be spread bet (or traded as a CFD) on Advantage Web and AT Pro.

What other Energy Commodities are available ?

City Index provide US and UK Crude Oil, Gas RBOB (unleaded petrol), Gas Oil (diesel), Natural Gas and Carbon Emissions EUA (EU Allowance) in addition to Heating Oil.

What other Commodities are offered ?

City Index offers Agriculturals, Other Softs and Options, in addition to Energies.

Are these futures contracts ?

The spread bet can be on a monthly futures contract but in some cases it is a daily funded trade (DFT), which allows speculation on short term price movement. However in neither case does the trader buy or sell a futures contract, and is rather speculating on the price movement of the underlying within the contract, with a spread betting product.

What markets does City Index offer ?

City Index provides Forex pairs, Indices, Energy, Metals, Shares, Soft Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Bonds, Interest Rates, IPOs and Options, for a total of 12,000+.

Is there a commission charge ?

There is no commission charge for spread betting commodities at City Index. There is a bid/ask spread.

If a trader is not in the UK, can they still trade Heating Oil ?

Spread betting is not available outside the UK, but CFD trading is and Heating Oil Monthly Future is available as a CFD product. As with spread betting, the trader does not own the underlying contract (or product the contract is based on) when trading it as a CFD.

Are these brokers regulated ?

City Index is regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom, the ASIC in Australia and the MAS in Singapore.

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