Forex vs Crypto vs Stocks

Forex vs Cryptos vs Stocks | Trading on Hope, Belief and Knowledge

Is there a difference between trading Forex, Cryptos and Stocks ? These three markets have one things in common, volatility. Trading Forex on leverage tends to amplify volatility, thus in some sense Forex can be seen as the most prone to volatility. In another sense Forex is more volatile: it tends to move in different directions, perhaps driven by interest rates changes, which can result in more complex patterns traced out on the chart.

Stocks tend to have a direction, which is, over the long term, for those which do move, seen as a basing pattern which can take off and in a few cases keep on growing, as the underlying company grows. However, as the markets falls, Stocks can be pulled down with it, resulting in steep downward moves which take out some or all of that charting growth, while the underlying company may be in as good a shape as it was at the top of the chart. However the future projections which drive overall market moves, may be seeing an economic decline, which could eat into the companies' revenue, at a later date.

Cryptos are of course tied to one boat, Bitcoin, which rises and takes them up with it, with sometimes very volatile moves to be seen from other coins. As Bitcoin falls, it drags the other coins with it (and as it rises it provides space for the other coins to rise). There may be some separation with regard to Ether, as a kind of locomotive, as so many coins are integrated into Ethereum's ecosystem.

Forex pairs do not tend to behave this way, in fact as risk goes on, and Stocks and Cryptos fall, then Forex pairs can have their own bull markets. But Forex pairs are relative valuations of one currency against another, so a bull market for one currency is a bear market for the other. But in a sense it does not matter, as there are both negative and positive consequences for both a rising and falling currency.

There are no particular positive consequences for falling Stocks or Cryptos, except there is a way in which this does not necessarily matter, as the companies continue doing what they do (maybe getting more efficient), as do the Cryptos. While companies are to some extent tied into the current economy (and hence may suffer as a result of overall economic conditions) Cryptos are not. In fact the ecosystem seems to exist in its own world, with its own assets (e.g. NFTs).

However this world does not seem to be able to decouple itself from Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is tied into the overall economy, even though what it does is part of the Crypto world (process payments). This is the price Bitcoin pays for its status as Crypto Gold, it is prone to the vagaries of institutional money, ebbing and flowing, in accordance with models and data (tied into the real economy). Crypto may need to continue its own world, realising what it can do (e.g. the Metaverse) without being so coupled into the real economy.

There is a sense in which Forex is cold and distant (hard to personally identify with in the sense of a meme market), though some may admire pairs for their trading features. Stocks are less so, in this spectrum from being companies which analyse well, with great well formed balance sheets, to meme Stocks, which create great fervour, like Cryptos can. Cryptos are arguably very much in the meme end of things, but can be admired for their technology (or their technological potential) as well. This meme sense of Cryptos can be seen as the 'tulip' factor, that is being bought up on pure enthusiasm and sold down on pure despair but the technology goes on despite this, and even blithely ignoring this, pointing toward a more rounded existence.