Forex Trading No Minimum Deposit

Forex Trading No Minimum Deposit

Forex Trading No Minimum Deposit Broker Comparison Table
Online BrokerReal Account Minimum DepositTrading Platforms
NoneMT4, Advantage Web, AT Pro
None (for Standard account)MT4, MT5, Trade Interceptor

Forex Trading No Minimum Deposit - What Does This Mean For The Forex Trader

Brokers can have different minimum deposits, which tend to fall into ranges. At the lower end are brokers which have a low minimum deposit of $5-$10 dollars. However there are a few brokers which have no minimum deposit requirement.

Brokers treat a minimum deposit requirement in different ways. Some require it before the account can be opened and some let the broker open an account before the minimum deposit is made. Thus these brokers effectively have no minimum deposit requirement.

The reason for this is that to trade on a live account, the trader will have to make a deposit of some kind. What the 'real' minimum deposit is, depends on a number of factors, such as the minimum trade size and maximum leverage. That is, the minimum required to open a position and trade a market.

If the trader wants to test out a platform, they can open a Forex demo account, which allows the trader to trade, without making any deposit whatsoever. One difference between a broker with no minimum deposit and a minimum deposit, is that the trader can deposit what they want when trading. However there can be limitations on this, as the payment provider may have a minimum which can be sent.

So in effect a no minimum deposit broker, is one which lets the trader deposit what they want, within the parameters of the payment provider. But to actually open a position, the trader may have to deposit a sum such that it is possible to do so.

One effect of the ESMA changes in the EEA with respect to maximum Forex leverage is that it may no longer be possible to open a Forex position with a very small account size, even if the minimum Forex trade size is micro lots (0.01 lots). Traders who wish to trade with a small account size, may want to consider an MT4 or MT5 Forex cent account, which allows for smaller trade sizes (typically, but not always, cent accounts have a low minimum deposit requirement).

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