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Forex Markets Patterns | Forex Tutorial

There are regular repeating patterns in the Forex market. There exists also regular events and regularities in terms of the effect of big figures and value between them. In the case of the first kind, it is not known whether a pattern will complete until it is formed. In the case of events, it is not known how the market will react to them and in the case of big figures and internal values, it is not known which of these will happen: reverse, cutting through or consolidation.

Patterns can form around events and big figures and internal values. But perhaps we can differentiate to some extent and say that regular events and big figures are a kind of pattern in and of themselves, which differ in their form from typical market patterns.

But what about volatility. It has some characteristics of a pattern, one knows it when one sees it. But it also has characteristics of big figures and events, in that one knows it when it is happening, one does not need to wait for after. However it also has this attribute: it can result in a pattern. That is it has a role in the formation of patterns. An example would be the beginning of a trend or its end.

Volatility may be tradable or it may not, but the same can be said of other patterns. A typical market pattern is effectively not tradable if it starts to do the opposite of what is expected, similarly for market events and big figures.

However these uncertainties can be expressed as volatility. That is the failure of all these patterns can be seen as a volatile event. Understandably, as traders and program are caught in a unexpected move (or for some, perhaps who are trading contrary to expectation, an 'expected' move). Volatility then can be seen as a kind of disorder in the market. But a market which is prone to such disorder, as part of its very nature, and the very expectations of those who trade within it.

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