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Trade 90+ Forex Pairs

  • Regulated ✔
  • EUR/USD spread from 1.4
  • 135+ technical indicators
  • Free VPS offer: T&Cs
  • MT4, Advanced Platform
  • Web & Mobile trading
  • Minimum deposit £/€/$100
  • Trading automation
300+ Markets Available Including Cryptocurrencies • Forex Spreads From 0.8 Review is a long established broker offering Forex and CFD trading, regulated by a range of regulatory bodies (it accepts applications from around the world, with some restrictions). It has an downloadable Advanced Trading Platform, MT4 and a web trader along with apps. has a relatively large number of Forex pairs, as might be expected, and a range of other markets, including Soft Commodities and Cryptocurrency CFDs. It supports discretionary trading and automated trading, including trading with robots and copy trading. The reviewer has found to be a reliable broker, with fast order execution and minimum dealing desk intervention, supporting a wide range of trading styles.

What is the minimum deposit ?

The minimum deposit is 100 units of the base currency (GBP, EUR or USD) of the account (so if the account is in GBP, then the minimum deposit is £100). However recommends that the trader deposits more than this, and suggests 1000 as a minimum deposit which will allow risk management and flexibility in trading. Accounts can be funded by debit card, credit card and wire transfer. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees.

Is there a demo account available ? does offer a demo account. This allows the trader to test out the trading platforms and practice trading without risking real money. Demo Account.

Is just for Forex ? has 90+ Forex pairs and has its roots as a Forex broker. However over the years it had added new markets, offering now a wide range of CFDs, including a range of Cryptocurrency CFDs.

Are spreads fixed or variable ?

Some markets have variable and some fixed spreads. For example, EUR/USD is variable from 0.8 while UK100 is fixed from 1 (fixed spreads can also vary, for example outside of market hours).

Are customer funds secure ?

Customer funds are held in segregated accounts at top-tier banks. is part of Gain Capital Holdings, Inc. which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: GCAP) and which has total assets of over $1.4 billion (as of Quarter 4, 2017).

Does charge commissions and fees ? only charges commissions for Equity CFDs. There is a financing fee for overnight positions. There is also an account inactivity fee, but only for accounts which have had no open positions or trading activity for 12 months and only if the account balance is less than 10,000 of the base currency.

Does offer rebates on trades ? offers cash rebates for traders who trade more than £50 Million per month, T&Cs apply.

Is trading with a positive experience ?

This is a very subjective point and individual experiences can vary. However the reviewer has traded with them for years, and has had a positive experience with them. Support has been found to be helpful, knowledgeable and unfailingly polite, withdrawals have always gone through and over the years a wide range of trading styles has found to be possible with, including news trading. Funds can be withdrawn via 'MyAccount'.

What cryptocurrencies are offered on the Advanced Trading Platform ?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. These are available as CFDs. This means that the trader does not own the cryptocurrency, rather is speculating on the price movement of the cryptocurrency. Thus they do not need a wallet (as they do not own it and do not need to store it).

So it is possible to news trade with ? is not a no dealing desk broker, thus orders may be rejected. However, this reviewer has traded before, during and after news releases, beginning before the crisis of 2008, when EUR/USD was into 1.6. While trading directly into the news, orders may be rejected, but not as a matter of course (i.e. over the course of many such trades, it happened a few times).

Considering all trading styles used, order rejection has been rare and order execution has been found to be reliable. In general this reviewer has found the dealing desk to be minimal in its intervention (given the volatile nature of all markets, order rejection can be in the trader's favour). One change over the years has been than Forex spreads have got lower, thus making shorter term trades more feasible. The minimum spread for EUR/USD is now a competitive 0.8.

What trading styles has the reviewer tried at ?

A wide range, technical, fundamental, liquidity based but in general on day trading time frames based around candlestick charts.

What is Advanced Trading Platform ? updated its platform in 2017, adding new markets (and has continued to add new markets, with the advent of Cryptocurrency CFDs in 2018). It is called the 'Advanced Trading Platform' and can be downloaded. The platform consists of a Watchlist of Popular Markets and allows the user to create new watchlists. There is a chart with Japanese Candlesticks (filled), Japanese Candlesticks (hollow), Heikin-Ashi Candlesticks, Bars (OHLC), Bars, Line, Line-Dot, Point And Figure and Renko chart price types, 135+ technical indicators (a relatively wide range), other charting tools and a Reuters News Feed. The platform has access to research and an Economic Calendar. On this platform it is possible to identify potential trade entry and exit points on the chart, using Trading System strategies. There are over a 100 such templates, and the trader can create them for themselves in Visual Basic, .NET and C#, using the Development Studio. While this is not automated trading, it does automate the process of charting analysis, to an extent. also offers MT4 ?'s Advanced Trading Platform is suited for discretionary trading, that is trading where the trader makes their own decisions, based on analysis or other methods (e.g. using the extensive range of technical indicators). However, for automated trading, offers MT4 (MT4 can be used for discretionary trading as well). The trader might find that they tend to trade following a set of rules, for example based around a technical indicator, that is to use a strategy. MT4 allows the trader to use automated trading strategies (or robots). On MT4 these are called Expert Advisors.

Expert Advisors can be used as provided, or modified, or the trader can build their own (so they can automate a strategy they have been using or developed and also back test it). It should be noted that because a strategy has worked in the past does not mean that it will work in the future. Thus one possible way for someone to approach trading, is to use the Advanced Trading Platform, find strategies which are effective and then automated them on MT4, and improve them. One reason to use MT4, is that some strategies used in discretionary trading, especially short term trading can be exhausting for the trader, and the computer can take some of the 'grind' out of doing this.

Both the Advanced Trading Platform and MT4 can be downloaded, are web traders available ?

There is a web trader and an MT4 web trader. The web trader has Bars, Candles, Hollow Candles, Heikin-Ashi, Line, Baseline, Renko, Line Break, Kagi and Point & Figure chart price types, 60+ technical indicators, an Economic Calendar and Markets Research and a news feed. The MT4 web trader has the functionality of MT4 on a web trader.

What is the minimum trade size ?

The minimum trade size is 0.01 lots.

Trade execution

Orders are Instant or Market Execution on the trading platform and Market Execution on MT4. DMA - Increased visibility for FX traders has made its institutional level DMA account available to retail traders. DMA (Direct Markets Access) provides visibility for the trader in terms of the order book. Commissions are charged depending on volume traded and range from $60 per million to $20 per million. DMA.

Before starting to trade, is there anything the trader can do to prepare ?

It can be helpful to read books written by experienced traders, to get a feel for how trading is actually done (this is what this reviewer did). Before during and after trading it can be very helpful to watch webinars. These can be useful, as the trader can find a 'take away' or two which they might otherwise not know about. Attending seminars on trading can be helpful and indeed there are plenty of courses.

As a foundation, a book on candlestick charts (used extensively in trading), a book on technical analysis and fundamental analysis and a book or books about trading by a trader can all help shed light on this complex but fascinating (in the opinion of this reviewer) journey. has an extensive click though trading course on its website and 'Education Topics' to browse through.

Does support copy trading ?

One way to automated trading is using automated strategies (also called robots). MT4 lets the trader do this with Expert Advisors. However also allows the trader to access copy trading features of MT4. In copy trading, the traders of other traders are copied in the trader's account. It is a different kind of trading automated, where the trader are letting other traders trade them (these traders may of course be using robots or not as the case may be). To do this a 'signal provider' is selected, from MT4.

What if the trader wants to run Expert Advisors when they are disconnected from the broker ?

It is possible to run Expert Advisors when connected to the broker. But if the trader goes offline, they will stop running. However the trader can rent Virtual Hosting (the program runs on another computer which is on and connected 24/6) at, known as a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Then the strategy can run 24/6, even when the trader is disconnected.

Is it possible to get a free VPS ? has a free VPS offer, T&Cs apply. The trader needs to maintain a minimum account balance of $5000 and execute a minimum of 10 round trip mini lot trades per calendar month. The VPS is run on dedicated Unix servers.

Is there a difference between the number and range of markets on MT4 and the Advanced Trading Platform ?

MT4 has 110+ markets available, covering Forex, Metals, Indices, Energy and Soft Commodities. The Advanced Trading Platform has 300+ markets covering Forex, Metals, Indices, Energy, Soft Commodities, Equities (220+) and Cryptocurrencies.

Why ? is a long established Forex broker which offers a wide range of CFDs to trade, covering more markets than Forex. However as a Forex broker, it offers 90+ Forex pairs, three trading platform as well as a DMA account for those who want Direct Market access to trade 60+ Forex pairs. The Advanced Trading Platform offers the capacity for traders to use or build charting signals, with exit and entry points. MT4 allows the trader to trade using online trading robots. The Web Trader is a user friendly platform for those who plan and execute their own trades. So in fact supports a wide range of types of trading, and implicitly a wide range of traders.