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eToro offers Bitcoin To Own

Social Investment Network eToro is now offering Bitcoin to buy and short. When bought, it is bought as an asset, at eToro FCA or CySEC regulated. When shorted, it is sold as a CFD. eToro is offering both the capacity to own it and the capacity to short it, within its network of traders and tools and on its platform, including social trading and thematic investing. This means that the trader can copy crypto traders and invest in Crypto Copy Funds as well as trade Bitcoin and a range of other cryptocurrencies. At eToro ASIC regulated, whether bought or sold, cryptocurrencies are traded as CFDs.

What happens when Bitcoin is bought at eToro ?

When Bitcoin is bought, the underlying asset is purchased. Bitcoin can be traded on exchanges and it can be traded at CFD brokers. There are differences between these kinds of Bitcoin trading. When bought on exchanges, Bitcoin is owned and it needs to be stored. As a CFD the trader speculates on the movement of the underlying cryptocurrency's price and does not own the cryptocurrency. Thus it does not need to be stored. Thus eToro is offered ownership of Bitcoin and the use of its platform and trading tools, as well as access to all the other markets it provides (mostly as CFDs).

What happens when Bitcoin is shorted at eToro ?

When Bitcoin is shorted, it is sold as a CFD.

Does the trader need a wallet ?

No, because eToro stores it. However the asset cannot currently be moved off the platform, for example into a wallet. Currently, the asset can be converted into fiat currency.

What are the consequences of this ?

It means that Bitcoin when bought is owned by the trader, unlike a CFD. It means also that it is not a regulated product. It does mean that the trader can go long or short on Bitcoin. But when sold it is a CFD and is regulated. It means that the trader cannot move the bought cryptocurrency asset off the platform yet (for example to store it and sell it), but can convert it into currency.

What is eToro's minimum deposit ?

The minimum deposit for eToro has been lowered down to $200. eToro.

Is leverage available ?

As the trader is buying the cryptocurrency, not a CFD contract, leverage is not available.

Is Bitcoin available on eToro's social trading platform ?

eToro offers Bitcoin trader on its trading platform. eToro is a Social Investment Network and the tools it provides for social trading are available for Bitcoin. On the platform, a sentiment indicator shows clearly what other traders are doing with Bitcoin, as a percentage buying or selling.

The social trading feed is available on the page for Bitcoin which can be accessed by clicking on its symbol. This has comments from other traders related to Bitcoin. The trader can participate in this discussion.

There is also charting available, with technical indicators, time frames from 1 minute to 1 week and 5 chart price types. To access this 'Pro' chart, the trader can click on the area chart on the individual market box.

Can the trader copy trade Bitcoin ?

On eToro, traders on the network of 7 million can be copy traded, which is a form of automated social trading. It is possible to invest in Crypto Copy Funds. At eToro the trader can trade by themselves, using charting and other analytical tools, use the social network to inform their trading, copy other traders or invest thematically (such as a copy fund).

What other markets does eToro offer to trade ?

eToro has a range of market available including Forex, Indices, Stocks, ETFs, Metals, Soft Commodities, Energies and other Cryptocurrencies, for a total of over 1000 markets.

Is eToro regulated ?

eToro is regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom, the CySEC in Cyprus and the FCA in the United Kingdom, however Bitcoin is not a regulated product when bought as an asset.


  • eToro is a Social Investment Network
  • It provides tools for social and copy trading, including thematic investing products
  • Bitcoin is available to trade at eToro on its platform
  • When bought the trader actually owns the cryptocurrency
  • eToro stores it
  • It can be converted into fiat currency
  • It can be shorted, but as a CFD
  • The tools available on the platform, from social to charting tools can be used to analyse Bitcoin

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