Bitcoin vs Ethereum

Bitcoin vs Ethereum | Cryptocurrency Tutorial

The idea of a cryptocurrency is based on the use of cryptography and the blockchain. These features make it distributed and secure and can allow for trusted networks to develop to perform functions. However the question can be asked, what is the function of the cryptocurrency.

Ethereum is a platform for smart contracts. For this it uses cryptography and the blockchain. There is a cryptocurrency associated with Ethereum, it is the value token used on the network and it is called Ether (ETH). Because Ethereum forked from its blockchain, and that blockchain was nonetheless continued, there is another Ethereum network, called Ethereum Classic, which provides a platform for smart contracts and has a value token ETC.

However Bitcoin also has a function 'greater' than its cryptocurrency. That is to provide payments, using the cryptocurrency. It is a peer-to-peer platform for providing payments. But because the function of the cryptocurrency is more tightly aligned with the function of the platform, a difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum can potentially be seen in the way the cryptocurrency is to be used.