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Online BrokerEthereum Trading Platforms
Ethereum Trading Platform
MT4, MT5, cTrader
Ethereum Trading Platforms
Ethereum Trading Platform
Web Trader & Apps
Ethereum Trading Platforms
Web Trader, Advantage Web & Apps, AT Pro
Ethereum Trading Platforms
Ethereum Trading Platforms
MT4, MT5, R Trader
Ethereum Trading Platforms
MT4, MT5
Ethereum Trading Platforms

Ethereum CFD Trading

It is possible to trade Ethereum CFDs at CFD brokers. This means that the trader can trade Ethereum CFDs without having to own the cryptocurrency and can use the trading platforms and tools provided by the broker to trade Ethereum and other markets.

As the trader does not own any Ethereum when trading a CFD, they do not need a wallet or any other means to store it. It is possible to go long or short (speculate on a rising or falling market) and to use leverage (or Ethereum margin trading).

The value of the CFD is based on the value of the cryptocurrency used by Ethereum (called ether) as it is traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus the trader does not trade on an exchange when trading a CFD. But what exactly is Ethereum ?

What is Ethereum ?

Ethereum is a platform operated by the Ethereum Foundation. It allows developers to run applications called smart contracts on the Ethereum network. Smart contracts enable Ethereum's blockchain to be used for purposes other than just processing payment transactions in a cryptocurrency, which is what many other blockchain networks do.

What is a smart contract ?

A smart contract is a computer program which can be run on the Ethereum network. This is why Ethereum is used as the underlying blockchain for a wide range of blockchain projects.

A smart contract uses the public accessibility of the blockchain and its processing attributes and security to allow programs to be immutable, run exactly as programmed and be unstoppable. This said, it is now possible to end programs once started.

What is the Ethereum blockchain ?

The Ethereum blockchchain is an electronic ledger stored and operated on the Internet. It is a record of all transactions in the cryptocurrency ether and it is a record of all smart contracts executed on the Ethereum blockchain. It is called a blockchain because it consists of blocks of data which are secured using cryptography (chained together) to prevent the contents being altered.

What is ether ?

Ether is the cryptocurrency used by Ethereum. It is used to make payments online, like other cryptocurrencies. When programs are run they have a resource requirement or cost calculated in units called GAS. Ether is used to pay for this. These payments are processed by miners.

What are miners ?

Miners plug into the Ethereum blockchain and process payments and execute programs and are rewarded when they succeed in adding a new block, in a competitive process (they need to solve a problem which is simple for a computer but computationally and in particular memory intensive). The miners use computer hardware and software to process payments and programs.

What is ETH ?

ETH is the symbol for ether as it is traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Ethereum CFDs base their value on the value of ETH as traded on exchanges.

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