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Ethereum MT4 Trading

Ethereum (ETH) MT4 Trading
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Ethereum CFD Trading Available on MT4

Ethereum CFDs can be traded on MetaTrader4 (MT4) at some brokers. Ethereum CFDs are based on the price of the cryptocurrency ether, used on the Ethreum blockchain. In some cases, Ethereum can also be spread bet in the UK on MT4. The trader does not own any ether, but does not need a wallet or other means to store it and can go long or short trading it as a CFD or as a spread bet.

What is Ethereum ?

Ethereum is a platform which runs smart contracts. These are programs which perform some function which can be written in the Solidity programming language. They are called smart contracts because they will run as programmed (analogous to the way a real world contract aims to function). They utilise the blockchain to enable this sense of commitment (expressed as immutable and unstoppable) - on the Ethereum blockchain programs are processed by disinterested miners (they do this to gain a reward, unrelated to the content of the data). This technology has been used primarily to process transactions, creating a ledger, but Ethereum and other blockchains have extended it to cover different kinds of data.

What is the Ethereum blockchain ?

For cryptocurrencies in general the blockchain is a ledger, consisting of blocks of data which when filled are connected together to form a chain. Cryptography ensures that the blocks are secure, both in their connection and in the resistance of their data to being altered - hence they create what is termed an immutable ledger of all transactions in the cryptocucrency.

Ethereum also processes smart contracts. These are compiled from the language they are written in (e.g. Solidity) to run on what is termed the Ethereum Virtual Machine: in essence translated into a code which can be executed on the blockchain by miners using mining devices.

As smart contracts have a cost associated in units called GAS (a resource requirement), they can be paid for in ether (ETH). Ether is the cryptocurrency for Ethereum, so the miners also process these costs. The sense of immutability extends to the programs, as does a sense of being unstoppable, though programs running on the Ethereum blockchain can now have a feature added allowing them to be ended (though in general those using smart contracts will not tend to want to do this).

What is MT4 ?

This is a platform which is associated with Forex trading, though it covers other markets as well. It enables the trader to trade by making decisions themselves, using charting tools for example, but it is perhaps at least as well known for allowing the trader to use Expert Advisors, which automate trading strategies.

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