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EOS - An Infrastructure to support Scalable Decentralised Applications

EOS CFDs can be traded at CFD brokers. The trader can trade EOS without having to own the underlying market and can trade on the online trading platforms provided by the broker.

What is EOS ?

EOS.IO is an infrastructure which aims to support scalable decentralised applications (dapps), known as Smart Contracts. This means that it is a network which uses networked computing devices to run programs, particularly providing enterprise solutions.

EOS.IO uses the blockchain to process transactions. The blockchain is an electronic ledger of transactions for a network. The blockchain is processed and stored on networked computing devices and is secured using cryptography to ensure that it is highly unlikely that this ledger can be altered. EOS.IO can be used by public or private blockchains.

Some blockchains charge transaction fees to process data, however EOS.IO does not, rather has a cost model based on resource use. EOS.IO has a utility token (cryptocurrency) which is used to provide for resource requirements for running programs, called EOS.

EOS is traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. However these brokers do not offer trading in EOS. Rather they provide EOS CFD trading.

What is EOS CFD trading ?

A CFD is a contract between the trader and the CFD provider which allows the trader to speculate on the value of a market without owning the underlying financial market. Thus the trader can go long or short and can use leverage (increasing leverage increases risk and cryptocurrencies are highly volatile).

EOS CFD trading allows the trader to speculate on the value of EOS without having to own it. This means that no wallet or other means to store it is required and the trader does not need to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. It also means that the trader can use the online trading platforms which the broker provides to trade CFDs, and thus make use of charting and other tools as well as trade other markets including other cryptocurrency CFDs.

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