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EMC Trading Platforms

Emercoin - A Platform For Distributed Applications

At some brokers it is possible to trade Emercoin (EMC) as CFDs, which let the trader trade without owning the cryptocurrency.

What is Emercoin ?

Emerecoin is a platform built on the blockchain supporting the use and development of applications. It has a range of SDKs (Software Development Kits) which have the aim of facilitating the development of applications based around a range of services.

Emercoin is a development system allowing developers (and says Emercoin non-developers) to create and run programs, utilising the features of the blockchain, for example to execute their programs and to calculate and record transactions costs associated with these programs. The programs can be doing a wide variety of tasks, for example providing online services and protecting and storing data.

The blockchain itself is an electronic ledger which records transactions associated with the network, but can also execute programs, as it is built on a network of computing devices. Examples of services based on SDKs supported on the Emercoin blockchain include EmerDNS which provides domain services, EmerSSH which is used for operating network services, EmerSSL which is used for SSL certificates (used by websites) and EmerDPO which is used to establish digital proof of ownership.

What is EMC ?

The Emercoin network has a cryptocurrency used when providing services on its blockchain. It is called Emercoin and has a ticker symbol EMC. EMC supports Proof of Work (PoW) mining (used for example by the Bitcoin network) and Merged Mining but it primarily uses Proof of Stake mining. Emercoin claims that this hybrid mining model protects the network from malicious attacks including the 51% vulnerability where the blockchain can be controlled by attackers.

What are Emercoin CFDs ?

EMC is traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. A CFD (Contract for Difference) is a contract which lets the trader trade a market such as EMC without owning it. This means that a wallet is not needed, the trader can go long or short and can use leverage (increasing leverage increases risk and cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile).

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