Demo Forex Account Unlimited - Real Account With Demo Account

Demo Forex Account Unlimited - Best Forex Demo Platform

Real Account With Demo Account Broker Comparison Table
Online Broker Demo & Real AccountReal Account Minimum DepositTrading Platforms
$100Web Trader & Apps
$100Web Trader & Apps
$200Web Trader & Apps
$100ParagonEx & Apps
$100Web Trader & Apps
$10Download Platform & Web Trader & Apps
$250ParagonEx & Apps

Demo Forex Account Unlimited - Best Forex Demo Platform - Forex Practice Account

These brokers offer real trading accounts which includes a demo account accessible from the real trading platform. Thus to use the demo account this way, the trader needs to sign up for a real account. However the demo account does not expire as long as the real account is active and thus is unlimited in terms of time and mirrors much of the functionality of the real account. This arguably makes for an improved trading experience than simply having a separate demo account which may expire.

These brokers offer clear, accessible online trading platforms including both a real and demo account and provide Forex trading as well as other CFD markets. A demo trading account is a way to practice Forex trading and to become familiar with a trading platform. Arguably this is facilitated by having real and demo accounts on the same platform. The funds used to trade on the demo account are virtual, not real and cannot be withdrawn.

Brokers which attach a demo account to a real trading account provide a simple way for the trader to switch to a demo account at any time and moreover one which does not expire as long as the real account is active. A demo account which is signed up to separately from the real account may expire and requires the trader to sign into it separately.

The brokers in the table offer a demo account which is attached to the real account (i.e. the trader accesses it by pressing a button or toggling a slider on the main platform and can switch back to the real account when they wish). Other platforms may provide this functionality by allowing separate demo accounts to be created from the platform, but these brokers are chosen for the particular easy with which they enable this switching, in tandem with the intuitive feel of their platforms. However a Forex trader who uses advanced strategies such as algorithmic trading may want to use platforms provided by ECN Forex brokers.

One point about these demo accounts is that to get both real and demo means that the trader has to sign up for a real account, which requires a full application, rather than the much shorter application normally required by a demo account. They do not however necessitate depositing money to use the demo account (and may have a simplified application just for this initial functionality), but the trader must deposit at least the minimum deposit to use the real account.

The demo account can be a way firstly for the trader to familiarise themselves with the trading platform provided by the broker and secondly to practice trading before, and after using the real account. This kind of iterative approach to Forex trading can be useful - moving from demo to real and back to demo again, perhaps allied with continuing trader education. Having a demo and real account on the trading platform may help facilitate this process and encourage the use of a demo account.

A demo account is not simply for beginners and can be used by traders who are experienced as it allows them to test out approaches to trading. It should be noted that trading which works on the demo account may not work when used on a real account for reasons including that the virtual balance in the demo account may be much higher than the balance in the real account and that market conditions can change.

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