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cTrader is an online trading platform. It supports both discretionary trading where the trader makes their own trading decisions and automated trading, where a computer programs makes trading decisions on behalf of the trader.

When trading, the discretionary trader may find that they are following a set of rules, perhaps based around a indicator. With cTrader, these can be automated, so that they are executed on behalf of the trader.

The automated trading strategies available are robots called cBots (akin to Expert Advisors on MT4 and MT5). However cTrader does not allow robots to be run on the platform, these must be used with cAlgo (which is cTrader's platform for algorithmic trading), which is available at these brokers. cTrader does allow for the use of custom indicators. cTrader is used by ECN brokers and has depth of market information on the platform.

cTrader review

cTrader is a well designed platform consisting of charts, markets and order information, like other online trading platforms. The charting has bar, candlestick, line and dot charts. There is a particularly wide range of time frames available. There are 55+ technical indicators on the platform, but more can be added (like with MT4 and MT5).

Arguably a strength of cTrader is the visual appearance, which is fluid and pleasant. This factor may make it possible for a trader who does not use automated trading to find it worthwhile to try this platform.

cTrader is a platform with scope, allowing the trader to use more advanced strategies as their experience increases. For more experienced traders it has a range of functionality and its integration with ECN brokers allows for the use of advanced trading styles and strategies, particularly algorithmic trading.

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