Future Cryptocurrency vs Forex Patterns

Future Cryptocurency vs Forex Patterns

In Forex pair movement there is a sense of an order which gives structure to patterns. It could be suggested that this stems from the multiple constraints imposed on the away a pair can move, in conjunction with internal dynamos which drive the pair, such as a natrural tendency to oscillate. These dynamos reflect perhaps the nature of a currency pair.

But what is the nature of a cryptocurrency ? Is is the case that as the market develops it will evidence a recurring group of patterns, which can distinguish it from other markets. Would this tendency group cryptocurrencies, and is Bitcoin or Ethereum going to be a particular case, in the way that EUR/USD or USD/JPY can be seen (that is major major pairs, which are reactive to a wide class of inputs, but in different ways).

So what do these early days say about the future movement of these markets and what does it take for these markets to find maturity ? Does their digital nature, allow for a speeded up move into maturity. That is, the clarity of their function mentioned in another article, allows for a faster way to realise their future potential.

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