MT4 Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency MT4 Trading | CFD Trading and Spread Betting

Cryptocurrency MT4 Trading
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Cryptocurrency CFD Trading on MT4

The brokers offer CFD trading, and at some spread betting (in the UK) of cryptocurrencies on MetaTrader 4 (MT4). MT4 is a platform which supports both discretionary trading (where the trader makes the trading decision) and automated trading, where algorithms make the trading decisions. MT5 Cryptocurrency CFD trading is also available at some brokers.

How does MT4 support discretionary trading ?

MT4 provides a range of charting tools, including a range of technical indicators, enabling the trader to analyse markets. 50+ technical indicators are available on the platform, but many more can be added.

How does MT4 support automated trading ?

MT4 provides Expert Advisors (EAs) which are automated trading strategies. These can be bought, modified or built by the trader.

Does the trader own the cryptocurrency when trading it as a CFD ?

In neither CFD trading nor spread betting does the trader own the cryptocurrency. Rather they are speculating on the price movement of the cryptocurrency. As they do not own it, the trader does not need a wallet or other means to store it and can go long or short.

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