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Bitcoin Spread Betting and CFD Trading At City Index

Bitcoin At City Index
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City Index Now Offers Bitcoin For CFD Trading And Spread Betting

City Index UK, a broker regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom, now offers spread betting and CFD trading in Bitcoin.

What Bitcoin markets are available ?

City Index offers Bitcoin(£), Bitcoin($), Bitcoin(€) and Bitcoin(AU$) for spread betting and CFD trading. In addition it offers Bitcoin($) Mini for CFD trading.

What is Bitcoin Mini CFD ?

Bitcoin Mini allows the trader to trade Bitcoin CFDs with a smaller margin requirement. A Bitcoin Mini is 1/10th of a Bitcoin and hence the margin required is 1/10th of the margin for 1 Bitcoin CFD.

What is the minimum trade size ?

10p a point for spread betting or 1 Bitcoin for CFDs (except for Bitcoin(£) CFDs where it is 0.10). There is also a maximum trade size, which is 20, except for Bitcoin(£) where it is 14.

Does the trader need a Wallet ?

The trader does not need a Wallet as they do not own the underlying asset. These are spread betting products or CFDs, which allow the trader to speculate on the movement of prices.

What is City Index's minimum deposit ?

City Index does not have a minimum deposit requirement to open an account, however to trade Bitcoin a deposit will be necessary. .

What is the spread ?

The spread is from AU$/€/$/£70. The spread can change due to market conditions.

What is the margin ?

Margin is from 50% at City Index (FCA regulated) and 25% at City Index (ASIC regulated).

What platforms are available at City Index ?

City Index offers the Web Trader and Advantage Web platforms and apps, MT4 and AT Pro. AT Pro is an advanced platform which supports trading automation and has a wide range of technical indicators. Bitcoin DFTs (for spread betting) and CFDs are available on Advantage Web, Web Trader and AT Pro (Bitcoin is not available on MT4). City Index supports tablet and mobile trading, as well as desktop. City Index was awarded Best Tablet App at the Online Personal Wealth Awards 2017 and Best Spread Betting Platform 2017 by ADVFN.

Is hedging available ?

Hedging of Bitcoin is available.

What is the financing charge ?

The financing charge is 0.08219% per night.

What are Bitcoin's trading hours ?

Bitcoin's trading hours are from 22:00 GMT Sunday to 22:00 GMT Friday.

What other markets at available at City Index ?

City Index has a wide range and a relatively large number of market available, covering Forex, Indices, Equities, Energy, Soft Commodities, Bonds, Interest Rates and Options in addition to Cryptocurrencies, for a total of over 12,000.

Is City Index regulated ?

City Index UK is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.

What other cryptocurrencies are available ?

In addition to Bitcoin, City Index offers Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple (as CFDs or for spread betting).

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