City Index Australia Review

City Index Australia Review | A Guide for Traders

4,500+ markets to trade with support for traders who execute their own trades and EAs

  • 4,500+ Markets to Trade
  • 80+ MT4 Forex Pairs
  • User Friendly Web Trader
  • AT Pro & MT4
  • No Minimum Deposit
  • Mobile Trading Apps
  • 80+ MT4 Forex Pairs
  • MT4 EAs
User Friendly Trading Platform • Automated Trading With EAs • City Index Australia

City Index Australia Review - A regulated broker with a wide range of features and choice for the trader

City Index Australia offers a wide range of markets to trade and a range of online platforms to trade on. City Index provides a user friendly web trader (called Web Trader), MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and AT Pro. City Index's 4,500+ markets are offered on Web Trader and AT Pro. MT4 has a reduced number, but does offer the most Forex Pairs (with 84 available). While AT Pro does support the use of and programming of chart signals, full automation is offered on MT4 with Expert Advisors (EAs).

City Index Australia Minimum Deposit

There is no minimum deposit requirement to trade at City Index Australia.

City Index's Online Trading Platforms - from discretionary to partial to full trading automation

Web Trader is City Index's user friendly web trader. What this means is that it is a straightforward to use platform for traders who execute their own trades. AT Pro is an advanced platform with a relatively large number of technical indicators and offers the capacity to use and build charting signals.

MT4 is a platform known for supporting automated trading with online trading robots called Expert Advisors (EAs). EAs are computer programs which execute trades on behalf of the trader in accordance with their instructions (known as algorithms) The trader can download EAs already built or can build them in the MQL4 programming language. For example, a trader could automate a strategy they use to trade at a time they cannot or to trade at a frequency which they find tiring. This said because a strategy performed well in the past, does not mean it will perform well when applied to the market.

However with Web Trader and AT Pro the trader has plenty of scope to practice their trading and develop and understand strategies before attempting to automate them. The trader may wish to develop their trading education and this is possible at City Index which has a range of webinars to educate the trader and live courses.

City Index Live Course and Education

City Index Australia offers three free live courses, valued at $5000 which are run by Tony Sycamore. These three courses are Demystifying Forex, Learn To Trade Course and Trade Like a Pro Course and are offered as webinars. Tony Sycamore also offers other City Index webinars on a range of topics.

However if they wish the trader can see Tony Sycamore live at a Trading Workshop in Perth. Forex is a complex market to trade and the trader may find courses to be helpful to try and understand it.

AT Pro Strategies - use or design charting signals

AT Pro is a platform for advanced traders and offers 100+ free strategies which display entry and exit points on the chart. If the trader wishes they can program their own strategies using C#, .NET and Visual Basic using the AT Pro Development Studio. Charting signals can be backtested on historical data. This is partial trading automation as it automates charting analysis. However, full automation is offered on MT4, which is to say letting a robot execute trades on behalf of the trader.

Markets to Trade - extensive number and range

City Index Australia offers an extensive range of markets to trade with 4,500+ available. The range of markets is Forex, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Shares, Options, Futures, Bonds and Interest Rates, offered as CFDs. There are no commission charges, except on Shares CFDs, which are from 0.08% or $5 per trade.

Forex Trading

Forex is a complex market which is open continuously from open on Sunday to close on Friday. It is divided into market sessions. The times after market close may be relatively quiet, but there can be a build up in activity in the time till a market opens and closes as well as within a session. This means that volatility can be seen as well as the potential for patterns forming. Some traders trade the news, which is to say that they trade around the release of economic data into the market. This can result in strong movements which can themselves trace out complex and volatile movement. The sensitivity of Forex pairs to a wide range of influences makes for a volatile market which can be hard to trade. However the trader can use a range of tools at City Index, from trading platforms to automation to help tackle this market as well as educate themselves.

Cryptocurrencies - trade cryptos without a wallet

City Index provides a range of Cryptocurrency CFDs to trade including Bitcoin and Ethereum on Web Trader and AT Pro. The full range is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.

When trading a CFD, the trader does not own any cryptocurrency and can go long or short and use leverage (increasing leverage increases risk and cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile). The price of the CFD is referenced to the price of the real cryptocurrencies on exchanges. As they do not own the cryptocurrency, the trader does not need a wallet.

The trader can trade Bitcoin using Bitcoin Fractionals which let the trader trade with trade sizes of 0.1, thus reducing the required margin to 1/10th relative to a 1 Bitcoin CFD position. Cryptocurrency CFDs

Futures and Options

City Index lets the trader trade Futures Contracts CFDs and Options CFDs. With a Futures Contract CFD, the trader does not need to take delivery of an asset when the contract matures. For Options, the trader can Call or Put a range of Options contracts. Options are a way to speculate on the direction of movement in value of a market and can be used to manage risk. City Index offers 20+ markets to trade Options.

Margin - from 0.2%

Margin is from 0.2% (500:1 leverage) on selected Indices and 0.5% (200:1 leverage) on Forex pairs or 4% for Shares. Margin for Cryptocurrencies is from 0.25% (4:1 leverage) except for Bitcoin (AU$) which is from 0.24%.

Cash rebates

City Index Australia offers cash rebates, T&Cs apply, based on trading in a calendar month, from $3-$11 per million (AU$) depending on the market.


City Index is a trading name of Gain Capital Australia Pty Ltd which is located at 100 Harris street, Pyrmont, NSW 2009 with ACN 141 774 727 and is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) with AFSL 345646.

Key feature summary

  • Automated Trading with EAs on MT4
  • 80+ Forex Pairs on MT4
  • User Friendly Web Trader
  • Wide Range and Number of Markets - 4,500+
  • Advanced Trading Platform - AT Pro
  • Automated Chart Signals on AT Pro
  • Wide Range of Technical Indicators on AT Pro
  • Crypto CFDs to Trade
  • Leverage up to 200:1 for Forex
  • Cash Rebates: T&Cs apply
  • ASIC Regulated
  • Webinars, Seminars and Educational Courses

Why City Index Australia ?

City Index Australia provides support for traders from beginners to advanced. Traders can trade using the user friendly Web Trader and its analysis tools. Traders can trade Forex and other markets on MetaTrader 4 and if they wish may use trading automation with MT4 EAs. AT Pro is a platform which lets the trader use or design charting signals, with exit and entry points on the chart and also has a large number of technical indicators. Traders have a wide range of markets to trade from and a large number. Forex traders have 84 Forex Pairs to choose from on MT4 and 60+ on the other platforms.

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