Bitcoin FX Trading

Bitcoin FX Trading | Bitcoin CFD Trading
Bitcoin FX Trading Comparison Table
Online BrokerBitcoin FX Trading Platforms
BTC FX Trading Platform
MT4, MT5, easyMarkets Platform, TradingView
BTC FX Trading Platforms
MT4, Deriv X
BTC FX Trading Platforms
Plus500 CFD Platform
BTC FX Trading Platforms
MT4, MT5, cTrader, TradingView
BTC FX Trading Platforms
MT4, JForex
BTC FX Trading Platform
Advanced Platform, Web Trader
BTC FX Trading Platforms
MT4, MT5
BTC FX Trading Platforms

Brokers Offering Forex Trading and Bitcoin Forex Pairs

These brokers offer Bitcoin CFD trading. They offer Forex as well. However Bitcoin can be traded as a Forex pair, for example BTC/USD. Trading Bitcoin at a CFD broker allows the trader to access their trading platforms and also to trade other markets, including Forex if they wish.

What is Forex trading ?

Forex trading is speculating on the price movement of the value of one currency in another, by trading a Forex pair. When trading a Forex pair, the trader does not own any currency, rather speculates on the movement of its value.

What is Bitcoin trading ?

Bitcoin trading happens on exchanges where real Bitcoins are traded. However it is possible to trade Bitcoin as a CFD at CFD brokers.

What is CFD trading ?

A CFD allows the trader to speculate on the movement of a financial market (such as Bitcoin), without having to own it. The price of the CFD is closely based on the price of Bitcoin on exchanges. It is possible to go long or short (to speculate on a rising or falling market) and to use leverage.

What is a Bitcoin Forex Pair ?

A Bitcoin Forex pair allows the trader to trade Bitcoin relative to a fiat currency. For example BTC/USD is Bitcoin in US dollars. At a CFD broker the trader can trade this pair without having to own any Bitcoin. This means that they do not need a wallet or other means to store it.