Best Trading Platform 2020

Best Trading Platform 2020
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eToro offers social and copy trading integrated with a user friendly trading platform. Thus the trader can see the views of other traders about markets they may be interested in trading and can make their own analysis based on charting tools.
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Trading Platforms 2020

2020 has so far been a volatile year. There have been wild swings in the Stock market, and sharp volatile moves in other markets, like the currency market. In volatile times the trader may seek out an online trading platform which is provided by a regulated, long established broker. They may wish to have access to a wide range of markets to trade. In volatile markets, established methods may break down, for example system trading or indicator rules. The trader may wish to look more directly to the chart, for example to seek divergence patterns as sudden changes in money flow alter the structure of the market, or follow patterns in candles indicating changes in momentum.

Thus a trader may seek a platform which is clear for the human trader, with solid charting, technical indicators and fundamental tools. If the trader grounds their analysis in the chart, they may be able to navigate to some extent choppy waters, with sharp reversals, though volatility is volatility and can be inherently difficult to trade, no matter what. Even volatile markets have trends, but the sensitivity of these markets to news can make for very sharp sudden reversals. Thus the trader may wish to keep more of an eye on a trade than is usual. A user friendly platform can provide a way to tackle the market through the chart, using tools where appropriate to provide rules to make a trade but being aware that the market may not conform to the expectations of these rules.

Volatile markets may of course settle down and return gradually (or more rapidly) to the state they were before, but volatility does tend to work its way through the market over time as clarity returns as to what the future expectations are, which is to some extent precisely what the market seeks to project each moment as it values. A settled market looks perhaps fearfully to the future or with optimism, but at the moment it tends to have its own character. A volatile market seeks to find a future to look to, but tending to want the optimistic future which lifts everything up again.

Best Trading Platform 2020

The pick is Plus500's online trading platform. It is designed to be user friendly and has a clear interface to assist the trader who uses charting analysis to make their trades. It offers 115+ technical indicators, and has fundamental data attached to information about markets, thus the trader can look out for and trade on news releases, if they wish.