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IronFX is an MT4 broker with 200+ markets to trade and support for a wide range of account types, with maximum leverage up to 1000:1 (increasing leverage increases risk). It supports social and copy trading via Myfxbook AutoTrade and TradeCopier.
Offshore Forex Accounts
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FXGiants offers trading on MT4 via a wide range of account types, including STP/ECN, with support for trading with robots, and a Cent account, providing 300+ markets to trade and offering maximum leverage up to 500:1 (increasing leverage increases risk). Social and copy trading is provided via Myfxbook AutoTrade and TradeCopier.
Offshore Forex Accounts

MT4 Demo Accounts

When signing up for a broker the trader will face the choice of whether to trade on a live account. If the trader is a beginner or not familiar with the online trading platform, they may wish to consider trying a demo account. The demo account can typically be created after the live account is created or before. In the table above, the trader can create an account and then add demo account, below for the pick of 'Best MT4 Demo Account', the trader can sign up directly to the demo. The brokers on this page are all offshore, FXGiants and IronFX are located in Bermuda, Vantage FX is regulated in the Cayman Islands.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a platform offered by a wide range of brokers. MT4 is an online trading platform with features which can be added but its basic format is charting tools, including indicators and the capacity to build and use online trading robots. Charting tools such as indicators and chart price types (such as candlestick charts) are used by traders who perform analysis to find a basis to enter manage and exit a trade. Robots are used by traders who want to automate the trading process, that is the robots will enter, manage and exit a trade in accordance with its rules (or algorithms).

The trader may be using rules themselves, but as they execute the trades they can exercise discretion. However this discretion normally comes with experience. Robots though can rapidly create losses in an account, which the human trader may otherwise avoid. On the other hand the human trader may exit a trade which works out in the end, where a robot would stay.

The beginner trader may wish to use a demo account firstly to familiarise themselves with MT4 and secondly to practice trading. While trading on a demo account and trading on a real account are different (for example on a rel account the trader can lose real money, on a demo account the trader uses virtual funds which are not real money) the trader can test out ideas or concepts whey may have read about, for example how to use an indicator and trade on its signals.

MetaTrader has features which the trade may wish to use as their experience increases, for example robots. The trader can download robots and additional technical indicators (normally for a fee). However they can also build robots and indicators if they learn how to use the MQL4 language. There is additionally an extensive support community for MT4 users.

There is a successor platform to MT4, called MetaTrader 5 (MT5). This has a number of enhancements on MT4 (more features for example), so the trader may wonder which to use. MT4 is much more firmly established for now, so the trader can try MT4 and then try MT5 and can do this by choosing a broker which provides both platforms.

The trader may be interested in social and copy trading. Some brokers offer platforms such as DupliTrade, Myfxbook AutoTrade and ZuluTrade which can connect with an MT4 account and allow the trader to social and copy trade.

Is MT4 for everyone ? It may be possible to say that once a trader has become familiar with a platform, then they can use it like any other platform. MT5 has addressed some issues with MT4's interface (that is it can have a more user friendly design) but MT4 has the same basic features as any other platform. The difference is the way the trader can customise the platform and grow into its many features.

Best MT4 Demo Account

All MT4 demo account are similar, in that they give access to MT4 in demo mode. However Vantage is picked as it offers MT4 and MT5 demo and live trading, supports trading with robots (called EAs on MT4 and MT5) and provides social and copy trading via Myfxbook, ZuluTrade, DupliTrade and Vantage Social Trading (on the Vantage mobile app). Vantage additionally offers ProTrader, which is a user friendly platform powered by TradingView. Vantage is regulated by the CIMA in the Cayman Islands and has a minimum deposit of $50.

Vantage offers a range of trading account types, and is an ECN broker, providing rapid order processing and has leverage up to 500:1 (increasing leverage increases risk). The trader can trade a wide variety of styles from robots to news trading and may trade with or without a commission charge, depending on the trading account. The trader can sign up for a demo account at Vantage below and try out MT4 and MT5 (and ProTrader) if they wish.