Best Forex Web Trading Platform

Best Forex Web Trading Platform

Best Forex Web Trading Platform Comparison Table
Online BrokerMinimum DepositWeb Trading Platforms
$50MT4 Web Trader, Web Trader
$100Web Trader
NoneWeb Trader, Advantage Web Trader, AT Pro Web Trader
$200Web Trader
$100JForex Web 3
$100Web Trader
$200MT4 Web Trader, cTrader WebTrader
$100ParagonEx Web Trader
$5MT4 Web Trader, MT5 Web Trader
NoneMT4 Web Trader, MT5 Web Trader, Trade Interceptor Web Trader
$100ETX TraderPro Web Trader
$300Saturn Web Trader
$10Web Trader & Apps

Forex Web Trading Platforms

Brokers can offer different kinds of online trading platforms to trade Forex. Some brokers focus on offering a web trading platform, and there will typically also be apps for tablet and mobile. A web trader is a platform which the trader can access through a web browser. This differs from a platform which is downloaded.

Some brokers offer the web trader versions of downloadable platforms which may not have all the functionality of the downloaded platform (but they will offer as well the downloadable version). Thus there can be a difference between a platform which is primarily built to be used in a browser and one which needs to be downloaded to access all its functions. This can be the case for some platforms which have complex features such as automated trading (though some web traders have automated trading features, like JForex). As can be seen from the table, some web traders are given a name, some are not (apart from 'Web Trader').

Possible advantages of a web trader include that the trader can use it anywhere they can access their trading account on a compatible web browser via an internet connection. Some web traders are made to be discretionary trading platforms. That is they designed for traders who make their own trading decisions. It can be seen why this might be so, as a human Forex trader can be seen as having different needs from a robot, for example the ability to access market information in a clear and easy to read form, and some web traders are built this way.

A web trader platform can thus have the advantage of an intuitive design which may suit those who trade Forex at their own discretion, using charting and other tools. Examples of platforms which arguably have this focus are Plus500's Web Trader,'s Web Trader, ThinkMarkets's Trade Interceptor and City Index's and's Web Trader.

There are some web traders which aim to help the trader who plans and executes their own trades by providing additional tools and information, for example crowd trading information (e.g. UFX's ParagonEx), social trading (e.g. eToro's Web Trader), or expending the range of technical indicators and adding automation to some stages of the analysis process (e.g. City Index's AT Pro). Copy trading where the trades of other selected traders are copied in the trader's own account may be supported either on the broker's web trader (for example eToro) or by a third party web trader (like ZuluTrade) depending on the broker.

So what is the best web trading platform depends on the way a trader wants to trade Forex and the kind of information and tools they wish to use. It is not necessarily an issue of beginner vs experienced trader, as an experienced trader may appreciate a clear simplified intuitive platform as well, with a range of technical indicators and tools. All these brokers offer a range of CFD markets in addition to Forex.

Best Forex Web Trading Platform

Since the reader may come to this page expecting a pick of a best web trading platform, Broker to Trading will do so, with the caveat that what is the best is really a matter for the trader to decide for themselves as it can depend on a wide range of factors and what is best for one trader may not be best or even user friendly for another.

The pick of this site is Plus500's web trader. This is because it is one of the most user friendly platforms this site has found and it is a platform which focuses solely on being a web trading platform (though it can be downloaded as well) with a range of charting tool such as technical indicators. Thus there are no other tools such as social and copy trading or trading with robots on the platform, which the trader may want. This however is one core reason why it is picked as is fits the idea of a web trading platform aimed for the human trader who makes and executes their own trades.

The trader uses a trading platform to analyse and trade markets. Plus500 offers a wide range of markets to trade and includes within categories a wide range (for example its Commodity CFDs) and has a relatively large number of platform tools such as technical indicators and chart price types. The trader can check out the platform as a demo trading platform before deciding to add the minimum deposit of $100 and trade on a live account. At any time the trader can switch between a real and demo account, to take a break from trading and practice.

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