AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade Review | A Guide Before You Sign Up

Forex, Indices, Energy, Metals, Stocks, ETFs, Soft Commodities, Bonds, Options and Cryptocurrencies

  • CBI Regulated ✔
  • $100 Minimum Deposit
  • MT4 Trading
  • FX Options Trading
  • 250+ Markets
  • Stocks CFDs Trading
  • CFD Trading
  • Spread Betting in the UK
24/7 Cryptocurrency CFD Trading • AvaTrade

AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade offers trading in a relatively wide range of CFD markets on MetaTrader 4, although it also provides Forex Options CFD trading on a separate platform.

What is the minimum deposit ?

When the trader has opened their account, they will need to deposit a minimum amount to place a live trade. The minimum deposit depends on what currency the account is denominated in. Accounts are available is $ (USD), £ (GBP), $ (AUD) and € (EUR). GBP accounts are only available for UK clients and AUD accounts are only available for Australian clients. For all these accounts, the minimum deposit is 100 units of the currency (e.g. £100 or $100 or AUD$100 or €100). This is the minimum deposit by Credit/Debit Card and e-Payment. The minimum deposit by Wire Transfer is 500 units (e.g. $500). To actually be able to trade a particular market depends on a number of factors.

Does AvaTrade charge deposit or withdrawal fees ?

AvaTrade does not charge deposit or withdrawal fees.

What leverage is offered ?

Leverage varies depending on the market. However Ava Trade EU Ltd has a maximum leverage of , which is for Forex.

What are AvaTrade account types ?

Ava Trade EU has an AvaTrade Retail Account, an AvaTrade Professional Account, an AvaTrade Options Account and an AvaTrade Spread Betting Account. After the trader registers with AvaTrade, they can open the accounts they wish to use from the accounts area.

What can be traded at AvaTrade ?

AvaTrade offers CFD trading in Forex, Energy, Metals, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Soft Commodities, Stocks, ETFs, Bonds and Options. MT4 has all these markets except Options, for a total of 170+. Options trading is available for 40+ Forex Options on a separate platform. In the UK there is a separate MT4 spread betting account. This has Forex, Energy, Metals, Indices and Cryptocurrencies, for a total of 40+. Thus counting all markets available, there are 250+. UK traders can use all of these platform, including CFD trading. All the platforms are available as a download and as web traders.

What Crypocurrency CFDs are offered ?

When trading a Cryptocurrency CFD the trader does not own any Cryptocurrency. CFDs allow the trader to trade a market without having to own it. In the case of Crypto CFDs, this means they do not need a wallet and the trader can go short (speculate on a falling market) as well as going long (speculate on a rising market). Crypto CFDs offered are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, EOS and Stellar. Cryptocurrency CFDs can be traded 24/7 at AvaTrade. In the UK, Bitcoin and Litecoin can be spread bet (similar to CFD trading, the trader does not own any Cryptocurrency when spread betting).

What Stocks CFDs are available ?

The trader can trade a range of Stocks CFDs on MT4. When trading a Stock CFD, the trader does not own the Stock, rather can speculate on the value of the Stock, as the value of the CFD is referenced to the value of the underlying Stock. There are 35+ US Stocks and 25+ EU Stocks.

What kind of Options can be traded at AvaTrade ?

AvaTrade offers Vanilla Options trading on 40+ Forex Options.

Is mobile trading available ?

AvaTrade has a user friendly mobile app which lets the trader access their MT4 accounts and trade on their mobile, called AvaTradeGO.

Can the trader auto trade at AvaTrade ?

The capacity to copy the trades of other traders is offered via DupliTrade and ZuluTrade.

Can the trader use automated trading strategies ?

The trader can use Expert Advisors on MT4. These are automated trading strategies which trade on behalf of the trader (i.e. online trading robots). They can be used or built by the trader, in the MQL4 langauge.

For the trader who executes their own trades what is offered ?

MT4 has charting and tools such as technical indicators, to assist the trader when analysing markets. However AvaTrade also supplies AutoChartist, which is offered free for clients who deposit at least $500. AutoChartist uses pattern recognition to identify potential trading opportunities, for example by showing patterns forming and how likely it believes that the pattern will form and it is integrated with MT4. Additionally, AvaTrade provides Sharp Trader to its clients. This is a website which has wide range of information, including education, market analysis and trading tools. There is also an Economic Calendar on the AvaTrade website.

Is there an Islamic account ?

AvaTrade offers a Swap Free account.

Is AvaTrade regulated ?

AvaTrade is regulated in 6 different parts of the world. AVA Trade EU Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI). AVA Trade Ltd is regulated by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC). Ava Capital Markets Australia Pty Ltd is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Ava Capital Markets Pty Ltd is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa. Ava Trade Japan K.K. is regulated by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) and the Financial Futures Association of Japan (FFAJ).

Key feature summary

  • AvaTrade is an MT4 broker
  • Avatrade offers a relatively wide range of Markets to trade
  • AvaTrade provides CFD trading
  • In the UK, AvaTrade offers spread betting
  • Copy Trading is available
  • MT4 automated trading via Expert Advisors (EAs)
  • Stock, Crypto and Options CFD trading
  • 24/7 Cryptocurrency CFD trading
  • MT4 Crypto spread betting (in the UK)
  • FX Options CFD trading

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